Root for the Nationals, America!, GSA Under Fire, Women at Augusta, Texts from Hillary (PM Note)

Yes, America, You Can Root for the Washington Nationals - (And what politicians from both parties could learn from the team on opening day). By Rick Klein -

Issa Releases (Really) Embarrassing GSA Spoof Video   - Employee jokes about not getting caught by Inspector General. Agency Head recently resigned after Inspector General report -

George's Bottom Line - Santorum Should Seek a Graceful Exit -  Santorum has compared himself to Reagan in '76. But here's the problem for Santorum - Reagan was gaining strength leading into the convention while Santorum is losing his momentum…. The best thing for Santorum is to find a way to get out in the next week or two. I think Pennsylvania should and likely will be his last primary. And if he wins his home state that could be another "graceful" way for him to get out of the race. Take the win as vindication after his 2006 Senate loss, take the gains he has made in his presidential campaign but don't continue through the month of May. My Bottom Line: That is the best way for Santorum to be a viable candidate in four years if Romney doesn't win in November. -

Still Room for an Anti-Romney?- From Falcone/Walter - A group of conservative leaders gathered in Virginia on Thursday for a closed-door meeting with Rick Santorum to determine whether the Republican Party can coalesce behind an alternative to Mitt Romney. The verdict? "I think it can be done," conservative activist and Santorum supporter Richard Viguerie said in an interview with ABC News. "We all left excited. We're going to wait for instructions from Rick."

Now Appearing at OTUS News - Contributions from Yahoo! News writers, including Virginia Heffernan, who has this great piece about Mitt Romney, social data mining, and Williams Sonoma:

Heffernan: Williams-Sonoma Republicans- what a phrase! Snatching consumerism back from the "latte-drinking, sushi-eating, Volvo-driving" Howard Dean liberals who drew disdain for their spending habits back in 2004, the Williams-Sonoma Republicans are rich, pro-business and tasteful. Not bad… In any case, something is working. The Williams-Sonoma factor might even be predictive. Yahoo News has turned up an astonishing correlation between number of Williams-Sonoma stores in a given state and Romney's performance there in the Republican primaries. In short, Romney has won every state that boasts at least one Williams-Sonoma store for every 1 million residents. If the correlation holds, Romney will take the Williams-Sonoma-heavy states of California, Delaware, New Jersey, Connecticut and Rhode Island. Read the whole piece here -

Bo Didn't Eat Eric Holder's 'Obamacare' Homework - Attorney General completes Judge's 'Obamacare' Homework Assignment:

Cool Your Jets: Mitch McConnell urges President Obama to 'back off' on the Supreme Court

Obama Signs JOBS Act - With Eric Cantor and Scott Brown Standing Right there -

Masters - Matthew Dowd, One of 11 kids (!!!) on Sexism, the Masters, Augusta, and Wearing Hats in Public -

Romney… then Gingrich…

…and Obama…

…say women should be let into the Augusta Golf Club.

Texts From Hillary - The funniest Tumblr since Newt Judges You - Yahoo!'s Phoebe Connelly talked to the posters behind it -

Like Texts from Hillary? Here's video of that moment… from @MarthaRaddatz, who was on the trip -

Gingrich-Founded Health Care Think Tank Files Bankruptcy -

Easter Bunny Won't Be Only Star at White House This Weekend:

Carney Explains Egypt Funding - "It's Right" - ABC News' Jake Tapper asked White House Press Secretary Jay Carney to say why the U.S. agreed to give Egypt its full aid all at once, rather than deferring to other proposals.

Huntsman's Disappearing Act -  Jon Huntsman has largely avoided the public eye since he dropped out of the 2012 presidential race in January. He won't be back on the scene to support Romney any time soon.

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