Wisconsin Eve, Reagan in 1940, Obama's Obamacare Warning, Debating American Exceptionalism (PM Note)

In 1940, Ronald Reagan and his wife paid $135 in rent, worked 30 hours the last week in March, and lived next door to two men on one side and a champion bridge player two doors down. The bridge player later married another building occupant who was an actress in Laurel and Hardy  pictures - The newly unveiled 1940 census archive is fun when the site is not crashed - http://abcn.ws/HfKBTe

Wisconsin Eve - Will Romney Romp? - http://abcn.ws/HQGie3

Voters there, with the GOP primary and the Scott Walker recall, have primary fatigue - http://abcn.ws/HPf4G3

Romney: 'Unzipped' - http://abcn.ws/H8OqGX

Santorum  Urges Pregnant Woman to "Hang In There" So She Can Vote - http://abcn.ws/Hbk2S2

Today the AP accidentally issued a one word news alert: "Obasm". It was quickly pulled back.

Tomorrow the president speaks to the AP luncheon. Think he'll make a joke?

Out-Exceptionalizing Each Other - Obama and Romney on American Exceptionalism - http://abcn.ws/HaOgEs

Obama Warns SCOTUS on Obamacare - President Obama was flanked on both sides by the leaders of two North American countries with "Ultimately, I'm confident that the Supreme Court will not take what would be an unprecedented extraordinary step of overturning a law that was passed by a strong majority of a democratically elected Congress," the president said at a White House press conference

BUT he seemed to have a warning for Supreme Court justices and a ready-made rallying cry if the law is struck down. He said he would "just remind conservative commentators that for years what we've heard is the biggest problem on the bench was judicial activism or a lack of judicial restraint, that an unelected group of people would somehow overturn a duly constituted and - and passed law. Well, there's a good example, and I'm pretty confident that this court will recognize that and not take that step" -  http://abcn.ws/HbkKyW

He made the comments flanked by the leaders of Mexico and Canada, both of which seek universal coverage through government programs. Mexican President Felipe Calderon talked about health reform in his country at the press conference.

Solicitor Bill Clinton - Bill Clinton told Jake Tapper - citing cases seemingly off the top of his head - how he would have argued the individual mandate. He mentioned George Washington forcing Quakers to own guns and seamen forced to buy health insurance. "So if those facts are right, what is this case about, anyway? Unless it's politics."  Tapper: This court, he said, is "genuinely more conservative. And I think that conservatives in general believe that every branch of government should advance their philosophy. Prosecutors, judges, no different than members of Congress. That's a different view than we've had in the past. But you saw that in the Bush V. Gore decision." - http://abcn.ws/H93k03

Tense Moment - Romney Asked Question About Mormonism - From Emily Friedman: When a man's hand shot up in the air to ask a question, Romney seemed to take note that he was holding papers, typically a sign that the questioner has a long-winded question they've chosen to write out, and as the man began to speak remarked, "I know where this is going. Ha. Ha. Ha."

LATER - "I guess my question is do you believe it's a sin for a white man to marry and procreate with a black?" asked the man? "No," Romney responded sternly, before turning to face the other side of the room. He later came back to the differrentiate between church doctrine and his faith - http://abcn.ws/H9g7mB

2 Views - Can Obama Win?

Bill Clinton: 2010 GOP Sweep Assured Obama Reelection - From the same Tapper interview: "what the right-wing says always sounds better when they're sayin' it than when they're doin' it.  So I thought after the 2010 elections, they basically assured his reelection."

South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley on GMA - "If we look at the unemployment situation or just the economy right now, if we simply look at his record there is no way they can say he can't win. I would say it would be hard to see how President Obama does win." - http://bit.ly/H9PwXQ

Record - Highest Weekly Gas Prices for April - http://abcn.ws/HC3d2i

Gas War - From Devin Dwyer: The super PAC backing President Obama has joined an intensifying battleground state skirmish over high gas prices and oil company subsidies. A new TV ad by Priorities USA Action links Mitt Romney to the U.S. oil industry… and claims: "The money they make from high gas prices - is going right into Mitt Romney's campaign," the ad says.  The American Energy Alliance, a nonprofit group with Republican ties, has been blasting Obama's energy policy with a $3.6 million TV ad campaign… The ad -"Nine dollar gas" - criticizes Obama for gas prices that have nearly doubled during his first term as he has opposed oil drilling in Alaska and construction of the Keystone XL pipeline and backed support for a $500 million loan to solar start-up Solyndra, which later went bankrupt. http://abcn.ws/H8cmij

Tapper and Clinton Other Topics -

He Doesn't Expect Hillary 2016; She needs a rest - http://abcn.ws/H4avYm

Hopes Trayvon Martin Killing Leads to Reexamination of "Stand Your Ground" Laws -http://abcn.ws/H8wbBg

Mitt Romney Needs Etch A Sketch Moment - http://abcn.ws/H8WYT9

Swimming Against the Tide - Rick Santorum says the longer the primary, the better for the GOP, contradicting just about everyone else in the party's establishment. - http://abcn.ws/HgKT8m

Santorum Campaign to Hit Mitt on Blind Trust Issues - http://abcn.ws/H9xkfL

Mad Men Mocks Romney's Father -  A character on the show who is a political aide called George Romney "a clown." http://abcn.ws/HIKVue

…and Tagg Romney Tweets His Disapproval - http://abcn.ws/HFvodp

Obama Upswing? - : The president recently pulled ahead of Mitt Romney in a poll conducted by USA Today and Gallup. http://abcn.ws/HbfXsR

Xs and Oprahs - Oprah says this year she'll support Obama, but her focus will be on reviving her network - http://abcn.ws/H8cmik

Newt Watch -  Despite assertions that his campaign is failing, Newt Gingrich went on the attack today, saying Mitt Romney has no principles - http://abcn.ws/Hb3rdt

Santorum's Missing Pennsylvania Delegates -  Rick Santorum might be missing some delegates in his home state of Pennsylvania. -  http://abcn.ws/H8cmil

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