Edwards Gets Off, Secret Solyndra, Bush Cracks Jokes, Artur Davis and the Stages of Party Withdrawal (PM NOTE)

John Edwards Gets Off - Not guilty on one count and hung on all the rest. Mistrial. "I Did an Awful Lot That Was Wrong," he said afterwards on the courthouse steps. Read it all here - http://abcn.ws/LaHhJb

Edwards gave a press conference in North Carolina where he talked about his sins, blaming himself, and talking about his relationship with all of his children. He paused for a moment before saying he loves Quinn, his child with Rielle Hunter, more than anyone can know - http://abcn.ws/LaHhJb

Romney's Secret Solyndra Presser - We watched an aerial feed (as in chopper shot) of a secret Romney press conference at Solyndra - The entire Romney Solyndra argument and what was happening on the ground from Emily Friedman here - http://abcn.ws/M0Mt47

George Bush Cracked Jokes with Barack Obama at the White House - http://abcn.ws/KYZY4e

Axelrod Was Heckled by Romney Staffers Who Crashed a Boston Press Conference - http://abcn.ws/KgonF0

Buddy Roemer, Who Few Knew Was Running For President, Ends His Quest - Buddy Roemer is out. Who? A former congressman and governor of Louisiana, Roemer staged the long shot of long-shot bids for the White House as an independent candidate. His main issues were sticking it to Wall Street, tax reform and spending all day on Twitter. He once tweeted about the legality of unicorns. - http://abcn.ws/LJHimr

The House Rejected a Ban on Sex-Selection Abortions - The House voted today to reject a measure that would have banned sex-selection abortions in the United States, pitting Republicans and Democrats in a showdown over a woman's right to choose, which opponents contended was "intended to chip away at woman's right to obtain safe, legal medical care." - But they did it "under suspensions" - a simple majority narrowly supported the proposal -   http://abcn.ws/LaCyaq

Artur Davis and the 3 Stages of Political Party Withdrawal (also see Lincoln Chaffee and Teddy Roosevelt)- Losing a primary draws different reactions from incumbents, but most people (Lieberman and Murkowski excepted) find themselves leaving the party. - More from Chris Good -   http://abcn.ws/L6pCpd

Recall Countdown - It's Go-Time in Wisconsin - Election Spending Tops $60 Million - The next big  date on the electoral calendar isn't in November, it's next week. On June 5,  Republican Gov. Scott Walker faces off against Democratic challenger Tom Barrett in a recall election. The race has received a great deal of attention both inside  and outside the state, and spending has topped $60 million, according to figures from the nonpartisan Wisconsin Democracy Campaign. - http://abcn.ws/LakRb0

Anti-Walker Forces Are Calling In the Clinton Cavalry - But He's Fickle About Recalls - Shush Walshe points out he thought they were a bad idea in the era of Gray Davis. - h ttp://abcn.ws/L1jeLZ

New Motto from Urban Outfitters - "Mitt is the Shi**" - http://abcn.ws/LOoxl1

Tax Brawl Brewing on Capitol Hill - The reality of " Taxmageddon" - a heavy load of tax code provisions expiring at the end of the year - is that lawmakers probably won't come together on a comprehensive agreement until after the election this fall. But that has not stopped congressional leaders from posturing on their party's policies, hoping to drum up support for their respective platforms before November. - http://abcn.ws/Mczpf7

Veep Beat: Rubio's Soaking Up the VP Spotlight - National Journal/CBS News' Rebecca Kaplan examines how Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., is taking advantage of his moment in the veepstakes spotlight to launch a broader role for himself on the national scene by embarking on foreign policy trips and courting voters in key primary and swing states. - http://abcn.ws/L0Nw1g

Rubio Warns of Iran-Talks Failure - http://abcn.ws/LjtzDp

Elizabeth Warren Admits She Told Employers of Her Native American Heritage - After weeks of controversy, Massachusetts Democratic Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren said on Wednesday night that she did indeed tell the University of Pennsylvania and Harvard University that she was Native American. But she stipulated that the notification occurred only after she was hired by the two schools. - http://abcn.ws/KflBzD

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