Freewheelin' At the WH, Trump Saturation, Obama's 'Kill' List and Civilian Casualties (PM Note)

Romney to Clinch Nomination, Reach 1144 Delegates Tonight -

What to Watch in Texas GOP Senate Primary (Will there be a runoff?) -

Subterranean White House Blues - Tweet of the Day - Johnny's in the basement, mixing up the medicine, I'm on the pavement, thinking about the government giving me the Medal of Freedom (from @slarkpope - aka Guardian U.S. editor Brian Braiker)

Photo 1 - Obama and Dylan -

Photo 2 - Romney on the Tarmac with Trump's Plane -

We'll get to Donald Trump and Mitt Romney in a minute.  First:

Tapper Asks Carney About Civilian Casualties in the War on Terror -

TAPPER: So are you disputing the New York Times story or the Dan Klaidman excerpt in The Daily Beast today that there have been civilian casualties?

CARNEY: I'm not - I don't have the assessments of civilian casualties. I'm certainly not saying that we live in a world where the effort in a fight against al-Qaida, against people who would, without compunction, murder tens of thousands if not millions of innocents -

TAPPER: I'm not talking about them. I'm talking about the innocent people that the United States kills.

CARNEY: No, no, no. No, but let me - that we don't live in a world where it is possible to achieve, you know, no civilian casualties. What I'm saying is that we are able to - this administration is able to, this - our military and our broader national security team is able to pursue al-Qaeda in a way that significantly reduces the potential for and the fact of civilian casualties.

What led to that exchange?

Obama's 'Kill List' - How an anti-war candidate won the presidency, the Nobel Prize and then became keeper of the 'Kill List' - Obama's current anti-terror policy is not exactly counter to his '08 rhetoric (excepting Guantanamo Bay), but a New York Times story and a new book highlight the president's very personal involvement in the U.S.'s very quiet and brutal war on al Qaeda - More from Devin Dwyer -

Veep Beat - Jon Karl uses magnets and a white board to break down the field -

Back to Trump - Right at  4 p.m.  journalists in Washington had to decide between watching the sort of surreal spectacle of President Obama giving Bob Dylan (in blue sunglasses, of course) the Presidential Medal of Freedom or Wolf Blitzer and Donald Trump calling each other "ridiculous."

Mitt Romney's calculation that it's better to have a friend in Donald Trump than an enemy might have underestimated how Trump can saturate a news cycle. But can you imagine Romney's headache if Trump's sights were set on him?

But what is gained by Romney's Tarmac walk behind Trump's plane?

All Things Trump Live Here -

And on the 8 th Day - John Edwards' lawyer dropped his head to his courtroom table in apparent exasperation as jurors concluded a seventh day of deliberations without reaching a verdict in the former presidential candidate's mistress-and-money trial -

Michelle Obama's Blueberry Buttermilk Bundt Cake Has 2 Sticks of Butter -

Cooking Elizabeth Warren's Cherokee Recipes -

I Want My $2 (65 Years Late and From Harry Truman) - Truman's Paperboy Finally Gets Paid - From beyond the grave, Harry Truman has paid off a debt to his paperboy 65 years late. George Lund has finally been paid the $7.50 he was owed, plus interest, from his days delivering The Independent Examiner to Truman, according to Kansas City's KMBC-TV -

Annapolis Graduates First Paraplegic -

Panetta to Navy Grads: Military is Evolving in Strategy, Diversity (Matthew Larotonda) - Defense Secretary Leon Panetta told a graduating class of naval officers today that rapidly changing global challenges for the United States meant they would be tasked with leading a military in metamorphosis.

"You must be prepared to respond to whatever threats we confront in the future with courage, with creativity and with leadership," Panetta said, "Adapting to new challenges is what the naval service does best. This is not a time for playing it safe. It's a time for imagination, a time for initiative." -

Ron Paul Supporters Organizing Pre-Convention Festival - In the days leading up to the Republican National Convention, Tampa could see a very different political gathering just blocks away. Ron Paul supporters are organizing Paul Festival, to be held at the Florida State Fairgrounds on Aug. 24-26, the Tampa Bay Times reported.

Biden's Daughter to Tie the Knot This Weekend - Joe Biden has held many positions in his career as a U.S. senator, two-time presidential candidate, and vice president. But this weekend he will assume a new role: father of the bride.

The vice president is spending the week at his home in Wilmington, Del., as he prepares to walk his only daughter, Ashley, down the aisle there this Saturday. -

Romney Says Economy is 'A Little Better' In Spite of Obama Policies - Mitt Romney's campaign bus pulled onto Main Street of a sleepy, coal mining town in northwest Colorado this morning. The candidate used the backdrop to highlight the struggles of Americans and rail the Obama campaign for "trying to find a twig to hang on to" to claim that the economy is improving. -

Donald Trump Confidantes Welcome Mitt Romney's Loyalty - But on one of the most symbolic days of the election - the day Romney will almost certainly clinch the Republican nomination - the former Massachusetts governor is counting him as a friend. Romney plans to stand shoulder to shoulder with Trump at a high-dollar Las Vegas fundraiser Tuesday night that is expected to raise millions for his campaign.  -

Marco Rubio Visits Gitmo in Cuba -

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