Jeb Bush Again Says No to VP Talk

Jeb Bush again reiterated he won't be Mitt Romney's running mate and repeated his suggestion that the presumptive GOP nominee should choose Marco Rubio.

At a press conference before he gave the commencement address at Ave Maria University in the Naples, Fla. area Saturday, he was immediately asked about the vice presidency.

"Wow, no foreplay," Bush joked, according to the Naples Daily News, "I'm not going to be vice president. I'm an active supporter of Gov. Romney. I humbly suggest he seriously consider Marco Rubio."

Bush called Rubio an eloquent speaker for Hispanics and cautioned Romney to focus on a "proactive immigration policy that promotes legal immigration. We can't send a signal that we want to be the old white guy party."

The political talk didn't end there, though, according to the Naples Daily News. He was introduced by the Catholic university's President Jim Towey who asked the crowd if they though the former Florida governor should be president.

Towey got a rousing cheer in response.

In his commencement address to the 175 graduates at the college founded by the Domino's Pizza magnate Tom Donaghon, Bush said the "institution of marriage is collapsing" and noted more than half of parents in the United States are not married.

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