Obama's Very Long Evolvement, Ron Paul's Plot, Hillary's Astrology, Portman's New Voice (PM Note)

New Underwear Bomb Plot Foiled, Per AP and Confirmed By ABC - http://abcn.ws/JavWZA

A Very Long Evolvement - White House Struggles with Gay Marriage - The day before North Carolinians will consider a gay marriage amendment, one Cabinet official said he supports same sex marriage, the president who signed DOMA was lobbying in favor of it, and Jay Carney did some rhetorical dancing - http://abcn.ws/IPVVrK (Mary Bruce)

Carney to Tapper - Jake, I think the president's position is well- known. He's spoken to this. It's gotten a great deal of coverage. I don't have an update to provide you on the president's position. It is what it was. I'm sorry you don't want to hear about the president's support for LGBT rights, because it's considerable. http://abcn.ws/Jc3YLs

Aside - "It is what it was" sounds like Burt Bacharach.

Romney Campaign Facebook - Today We Add Spencer Zwick - 33 year-old National Finance Director http://abcn.ws/L07OM8

Hillary 2016 - In the Stars? - Since no one believes Hillary Clinton that she's not running in 2016, Dana Hughes asked astrologers for the cosmic truth - http://abcn.ws/JMzgXO

The Latest Hillary Clinton No - http://wapo.st/ISM3ib

Ron Paul's Not-So-Secret Plot for Convention Domination - Chris Good - "Paul, 76, can threaten one thing in Tampa: allowing his supporters to embarrass Romney at the convention, ruining the weekend as a multi-day infomercial for the GOP. What would such a hubbub look like? As of now, the most drastic thing Paul's supporters can do in Tampa is make noise…. BUT… If Paul supporters were to succeed at six state conventions, they could halt convention proceedings in Tampa and make motions on nearly anything from the floor under suspended rules, from changing the convention rules, to electing a new convention chairman, to offering up platform resolutions (which they can't do from the floor, under convention rules). If they aren't given a say in the GOP platform, Paul supporters could seek to obstruct its passage on the convention floor. (They would almost certainly fail, but it would look bad for Romney and the GOP.)" - http://abcn.ws/IQqayV

Rob Portman: Not More Mr. Nice Guy - Jon Karl notices a change in the way the junior senator from Ohio is carrying himself - "He's polite, smart and a little nerdy. But as Rob Portman has climbed to the top of the list of potential running mates for Mitt Romney, the political world is now seeing a different side of him: the attack dog. Just over the past week, the normally soft-spoken Portman has issued a series of blistering - for him anyway - attacks on Barack Obama." - http://abcn.ws/IFdL0Z

The Obama Campaign is Spending $25 Million To Sell Accomplishments on TV - And Doesn't mention Health or Wall Street Reforms - http://abcn.ws/JLGDPq

Romney Stalls, Briefly, When Woman Says Obama Should Be Tried for Treason - Mitt Romney ignored the comment of a woman at a town hall event here who suggested that President Obama be charged with treason, a crime punishable by death. http://abcn.ws/K796Vr   (Friedman)

Obama Campaign Tweaks bin Laden Argument: Less 'I', More 'We' - Devin Dwyer: A backlash against President Obama's politicization of the killing of Osama bin Laden may be having an effect on how the president and his campaign advisers refer to the accomplishment.

Namely - the president taking first-person credit last week has turned into expressions of collective achievement this week. http://abcn.ws/KB4tEu

REWIND - Mark Cuban (Condolences on your season, dude) - But If you missed Nightline on Friday, Mark Cuban wants the rich to pay more taxes by using a complicated pass vs. running offense analogy - Bill Weir gets his argument for something like the Buffet Rule - The 1 Percent Outtake -http://abcn.ws/ICk1RT

The Entire Nightline Cuban Section - http://abcn.ws/Jc3XqE

Romney Says Students are Pulling Away from Obama - More from Emily Friedman with Mitt in Ohio - http://abcn.ws/Js5BoU

John Edwards Asked Bunny Mellon for $3 Million Just Before Indictmenthttp://abcn.ws/K796Vt

Growing Up Clinton? Chelsea Says No Pizza on Weeknights - http://abcn.ws/J9X8bc

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