Romney's Women Surge, Birther Panels, Greece and Fungus, Texas Tea (PM Note)

ABC / Wash Post Poll - Romney Cuts Obama's Lead Among Women in Half - A sharp advance among women has boosted Mitt Romney to his highest favorability rating of the presidential campaign - albeit still an unusually weak one - while Barack Obama's personal popularity has slipped in the latest ABC News/Washington Post poll. Obama still beats Romney in favorable ratings overall, by an 11-point margin, 52 percent to 41 percent. But that's down from 21 points last month, giving Romney the better trajectory. And both get only even divisions among registered voters, marking the closeness of the race between them.

Greece and Fungus - We gave Austan Goolsbee three minutes to explain why we should care about Greece and Europe, and he came up with "fungus" -

Epic Rant - IL State Rep Goes Berserk Over Process  -

Obama's Polish Insult and other Diplomatic SNAFUs - Jimmy Carter once accidentally suggested he and the Communist Party leader do something "carnal" -

Psst: You Can't Really Ever Delete a Tweet -

Birther Panels - (Full circle from Death Panels?) - Pete Hoekstra defended his suggestion for a government panel with a CIA and FBI representative to okay who can run for president -

Obama Congratulates Romney in Rare Personal Call - President Obama today offered personal congratulations to GOP rival Mitt Romney for formally clinching the Republican Party presidential nomination in Tuesday's Texas primary.

Who Won the Bizarre Election of Roy Brooks vs. Roy Brooks? -

2012: The $2 Billion Duel? - The general election, factoring in congressional races, will see a billion bucks on both sides of the aisle -

Marital Accord - Ann Romney Completely Supports 90 Percent of What Mitt Says. Or 90 percent supports everything of what he ways. Or…

Tampa Partay! - Palin, Paul Supporters Plan Events Around Convention - In August, Tampa, Fla., will become a Bermuda Triangle of conservatism. The city will host three events in the span of a week, all centered around the Republican National Convention, which will nominate Mitt Romney as the GOP's presidential candidate. There'll be a little something for every kind of Republican.

'Amercia' The Beautiful - Typo Draws Internet Ribbing - Far be it for news organizations to cast stones at typos, but a glaring error from the Romney campaign has led to some online ribbing.* (The asterisk signifies that anyone putting anything on the Internet is probably making typos.)

John Edwards Jury - The Gaggle of Giggling Alternates - Is The End Near? Latest Tea Leaves Here -

Immigration Technicality May Keep Homecoming Queen From Graduation -  High school senior  Elizabeth Olivas thought she would be enjoying the last days at her Indiana high school with her classmates before graduating on Saturday. Instead, the Frankfort High School homecoming queen is in her native Mexico, caught up in an immigration technicality that has her future in the United States straddled between U.S. government agencies, according to the Indianapolis Star -

Overruled! - Some Republicans Like Some Parts of Obamacare - Preparing for a Supreme Court decision that would include some elements of Obamacare - Sen. Roy Blunt said the GOP would want to keep the provision that keeps kids on parents' insurance up to 26 - "I believe that's one of the things that the Congress would surely reinstate," said Sen. Roy Blunt, of Missouri, in an interview with Missouri radio station KTRS, which was posted to the senator's YouTube page last Thursday and highlighted today by the liberal website Talking Points Memo. -

Lawmakers, Activists Target 'Gendercide' Sex Selection, House Expected to Vote - In the style of activist-filmmaker James O'Keefe, an anti-abortion group has released an undercover video purportedly showing a Planned Parenthood counselor in Texas assisting a woman who says she's seeking a sex-selection abortion. -

Obama Signs Import-Export Bank Reauthorization -

Texas Tea - The Next Marco Rubio? - Jon Karl examines how Ted Cruz could turn a second-place finish into a Senate seat -

Texas Rep. Silvestre Reyes Loses Re-election Primary to Pro-Pot Dem - Anti-incumbent fever might be striking the House once again in 2012. Rep. Silvestre Reyes, D-Texas, lost his re-election primary Tuesday night to former El Paso City Council member Beto O'Rourke, the Associated Press projected. With 100 percent of precincts reporting, O'Rourke took 51 percent of the vote to Reyes' 44 percent.  (Chris Good)

Veep Beat: Two Contenders Boosting Foreign Policy Cred - Portman to Meet with Israeli Leaders, Rubio touched by first Cuba trip, Thune a dark horse VP, McDonnell not asked for VP documents, McDonnell okay with drones in Virginia -

Why Donald Trump Matters (Or Not) - Amy Walter: "Every day that Trump, or other shiny objects like him (read: the reports of a super PAC going after Jeremiah Wright) distract the media, is another day that talk of the economy/jobs is on the back burner. And that is a small, but significant, victory for Team Obama" -

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