The Elevator Endorsement, Obama as Amish President, Prairie Fires of Debt, Pelois and Pedicabs (PM Note)

Obama, America's First Amish President - That's the Newsweek-esque headline from Yahoo!'s Olivier Knox after watching Obama on "The View" and writing - "President Barack Obama said in an interview broadcast Tuesday that daughters Malia and Sasha can use their cell phones only on weekends, are banned from Facebook, can't watch TV and are only allowed on the computer during the week when they have to do their homework. He also said he was "too long-winded" to use Twitter and that he likes to 'tape' things on 'this-what's it called, DVR.'"

Sliding Doors - George W. Bush - 'I'm for Mitt Romney' - It's not surprising that the former president would endorse the presumptive GOP nominee. But he did it with dash - answering back to ABC's Matt Negrin at an event for the new Geroge W.  Bush Initiative, as an elevator closed between them -

The part the elevator played in that scene got some attention.

Elevators in politics have been a theme here at ABC -

There's the infamous Sen. Jim Bunning / Jon Karl incident -

And there's great video of John Boehner, slumping against an elevator in the Capitol last August when they finally figured out how to raise the debt ceiling -

That debt ceiling fight is brewing again, reports John Parkinson, who watched Boehner draw lines in the sand at the Peter G. Peterson Foundation's 2012 Fiscal Summit today -

Run on the Deficit - Bill Clinton was at the Peter G. Peterson summit too, and he offered Obama unsolicited advice -

Romney in Iowa Warns of a 'Prairie Fire of Debt' - "Disappointment," he says, "is the key in which the presidential election is being played" -

Ron Paul's Political Purgatory - Can't Win, Won't Quit -

White House Updates Presidential History with Obama Hyperlinks -

$175 Million Failure - Republican candidates not named Romney (and their allies) spent about $174.4 million (give or take) to not win the nomination -

Obama's Love/Love Relationship with Private Equity - Tapper Questions Carney - Loves their money, loves to criticize Mitt Romney for a history with Bain -

CARNEY: I think the distinction that you're failing to see, Jake, is one that I'm - the campaign, I'm sure, will be happy to spell out for you in more detail. But the issue is not whether businesses acting lawfully should maximize profits or pursue business appropriately. That - the president thinks that's fine and is a good thing and is healthy for our financial sector and our broader economy, broadly speaking. The issue is what vision do you bring to the office, what policies would you implement, and are those policies informed by the vision and by your experience.

Vote in Yahoo!'s Tepid Endorsement Contest -

Power Players - Pelosi and a Pedicab -

How do you keep up with Nancy Pelosi on a Power Players Power Walk? Pedicab.

Must-See Video - Jon Karl and his producers Power Walk with the former House speaker -

Her Plan for November? - 'Just Win, Baby' - and Pelosi says Democrats have a "much better" than one third chance of winning majority.

Does She Want to be Speaker Again? - "It isn't about me, it is about what is at stake in this election, and quite frankly I wish that so much were not at stake in this election."

Cutting Social Security? - Pedicab driver wanted to know - Jon Karl - "I have to ask you - you have just been attacked by Russ Feingold. Have you seen this? He said you have shown a disturbing potential willingness to cut social security and Medicare."

Pelosi - "It's ridiculous. It's absolutely ridiculous. I was the champion for protecting Social Security in '05 and '06 when president Bush wanted to privatize Social Security. Democrats created Medicare and protect Medicare and we will continue to make sure it is there for our seniors. So I haven't seen his thing - it is not unusual for some on the left to do membership drives around some issue" -

Pay Attention to the Nebraska Senate Primary Tonight - The little guy (or gal) is surging, according to Elizabeth Hartfield -

Presidential Field of Dreams - If You Build It, They Will Come (Unless It's Independent Ballot Space in 50 States) -

Archive - 40 Years Ago Today - George Wallace Was Shot - Here's Archive Special Report -

Tom Shine, Now ABC's Congressional Editor and Network Pool Daddy, was working at Holy Cross Hospital in Silver Spring when they brought Wallace in. A Year Later Shine started working at ABC. Tom's countdown to 40 years in the news …

Elizabeth Warren Once Described As Harvard Law's First Woman of  Color -

Obama Banks at JP Morgan, Per Disclosure -

Chen Guangchen Calls Back Into Congress -

Long Island War of Roses Ends -

Edwards Defense Witness Changes Testimony On Stand -

Veep Beat - A New Daily Roundup from Arlette Saenz -

All Things Veepstakes -

Bobby Jindal Says Obama Never Ran a Lemonade Stand -

Obama vs. Bush on Security and Civil Rights - Here's a cool Pro Publica Quiz comparing the last two administrations on detention, torture, enhanced interrogation, and justice -

Clinton's Backhanded Complement to the 'Disturbing' Richard Mourdock -

New Yorker Argues Obama : Kennedy :: Biden: LBJ, Gay Rights Movement: Civil rights Movement -

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