Unleash the 'Rush Babes'

America's most provocative radio host is fighting back against a women's group with a women's group of his own.

Rush Limbaugh announced on his daily show Tuesday that a new Facebook page called Rush Babes for America seeks to give "millions of conservative women" a place to unite against "faux feminist groups."

The liberal National Organization for Women has been trying to persuade advertisers to boycott Limbaugh's radio program after he called a Georgetown student a "slut" for testifying to Congress about birth control. Limbaugh apologized after advertisers began to drop out.

The CEO of Cumulus Media Inc., the second largest owner-operator of U.S. radio stations, said Tuesday that the boycott of Limbaugh's show cost his company "a couple of million dollars."

Limbaugh plotted on his show Tuesday against "some coordinated plan to have me taken off the air," and he accused "the Democrats, Media Matters, Obama, the left, and the NAGs" of staging a fake offensive against women. (NAGs is the acronym he uses to shorten the "National Association of Gals," his moniker for NOW.)

"What Rush Babes for America is about is posting stories and ideas that happen here on the program, and occasionally elsewhere, and inviting all of you to participate in conversations on Facebook with other women about what matters to you," Limbaugh said.

The page had more than 23,000 "likes" this morning.

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