Veep Beat: Where the GOP Field Stands, Christie's Comedic Take on Veepstakes

RANKING THE VEEP FIELD: Check out ABC News' Jonathan Karl's latest take on where the crop of potential VP candidates stand.

MUST WATCH! CHRISTIE ON VP CALL: 'I GOT THIS' New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie teamed up with Democratic Newark Mayor Cory Booker on a comedic web video joking about the VP race. In the full video released late Tuesday evening, Christie, a Republican snatches the phone from Booker, who pretends to field a call from Romney asking him to join him on the GOP ticket.  Christie quickly tells him, "I got this."  As ABC News' Shushannah Walshe reports, the early preview of the video featured Christie expressing his frustration over the number of questions he receives at town hall events about flooding and where he stands on being VP.

VEEP TWEET OF THE NIGHT: @GovChristie Don't worry, @corybooker & I've got this!

WOULD CHRISTIE BE HAPPY AS VP? New Jersey voters don't think so, according to a new Quinnipiac Poll out today.  Fifty-two percent of N.J. voters think Christie would not be satisfied "playing second fiddle" while 36 percent say he would be.  And adding Christie to the ticket does not help Romney too much, with half of those polled saying they'd vote for Obama and 42 saying they'd pick Romney with Christie as his running mate.

DOES ROB PORTMAN SOUND LIKE A RUNNING MATE? ABC News' Gregory Simmons reports a that day after he said he was "better suited" for a job in the Senate, Ohio Sen. Rob Portman Tuesday " sounded more like Mitt Romney's running mate, using a number of public appearances to promote the presumptive Republican nominee, attack President Obama, and of course, deny that he's interested in the job."

RYAN: GOP LACKS 'PARTNERS' ON REDUCING DEBT ABC News' John Parkinson reports, "Rep. Paul Ryan, the chairman of the House budget committee and a potential running mate for Mitt Romney on the GOP presidential ticket, urged Congress to look beyond party labels as lawmakers scour the country searching for a bipartisan solution to a burgeoning financial crisis, but said that Republicans 'don't really have partners' in the effort to reduce the deficit."  Parkinson was not asked about the veepstakes during his appearance at the Peterson Fiscal Summit.

JINDAL BLASTS OBAMA: HE 'NEVER RAN A LEMONADE STAND' Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal attacked President Obama for his lack of experience Tuesday, even saying the president had no experience running something as simple as a "lemonade stand" before taking office.  "President Obama hasn't run anything before he was elected president of the United States.  Never ran a state, never ran a business, never ran a lemonade stand. This job's too important for on the job training," Jindal said during an interview on FOX News Tuesday.  Jindal deflected a VP question, saying his support of Romney "isn't about who's VP. It's about the vision going forward for America."

VP BIDEN COMES OUT SWINGING: As ABC News' Devin Dwyer reports, Vice President Biden will make his first public attacks on Romney for his record at Bain Capital Wednesday as he "kicks off a two-day campaign swing through eastern Ohio today, pushing a populist economic message - dubbed "Obama economics" - that he'll use to draw sharp contrasts between the president and Mitt Romney."

NEWT ON RUBIO'S FUTURE: Asked in a Newsmax interview whether he thinks Marco Rubio would make a good VP, Newt Gingrich not only said yes, but also said the Florida senator has a promising future as a potential president.  "Sure. I think he'd make a good president someday. He's a very, very smart, very competent person," Gingrich said.

RUBIO WEIGHS IN ON GAY MARRIAGE: Rubio said in an interview with Newsmax that President Obama is using the topic of same-sex marriage to distract Americans from looking at his failings as president.

JINDAL BOOSTERS: Grover Norquist and Patrick Gleason make the case for Bobby Jindal as VP in a Politico opinion column.

TONY PERKINS ON ROMNEY'S VP PICK: How could Romney begin to allay the concerns of social conservatives this fall? The Family Research Council's Tony Perkins says by picking a running mate with whom they can identify, Yahoo! News' Chris Moody reports. 

WHERE THE VP CANDIDATES STOOD ON NEBRASKA: Two potential VP candidates endorsed a losing candidate in the Nebraska Republican primary race for the Senate seat Tuesday. Former  Gov. Mike Huckabee and South Dakota Sen. John Thune threw their support behind state Attorney General Jon Bruning, who lost to state Sen. Deb Fischer, who received the late backing of former VP candidate Sarah Palin.

LESSONS FROM VETTING: ABC News' Emily Friedman highlights this op-ed by A.B. Culvahouse, who shares his lessons from years of  experience with vice presidential vetting and stands by his "high risk, high reward" view of Sarah Palin.


@robportman Congrats to # Cavalier Kyrie Irving for winning the NBA rookie of the yr award. Looking fwd to another solid draft year for the wine & gold!

@jebbush Applauding @ GovBrewer & leaders in AZ for expanding the Education Savings Account program. Huge win for AZ families. # edreform

@bobmcdonnell Commonwealth Posts 10.6 Percent Revenue Growth in April

@kellyayotte This # PoliceWeek , let's honor those who protect & serve, & remember the sacrifices of the heroes we've lost in the line of duty.

@johnthune Spoke to small biz community at # NFIBSummit about getting gov't off the backs of job creators.

@GovMaryFallin It was great to welcome everyone who came to the Capitol to take part in Breast Cancer Awareness Day!

@GovMikeHuckabee Obama and the Dems have been a complete failure on econ. issues so now they are going to focus on issues that will rile up their base.

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