Contempt Vote Against Holder, Weekend at Romney's III, Ad Nausea, Jesse Ventura's Surfing Road Trip (PM Note)

The Big Headline Today: Obama Exerts Executive Privilege; House Committee Votes to Hold Holder in Contempt - More on that here - (Dwyer and Parkinson)

But First - Write your own headline:

Veeps Gone Wild, Deer Park Edition? Weekend at Romney's: Makin' It Rain? The Biggest Schmoozer? If You're Rich and Republican and Support Romney?

We barely knew about it this morning, but it's turning out to be the Republican policy confab of the season is taking place in Utah at Deer Valley this weekend.

Every potential veep we could think of except Marco Rubio and Chris Christie will be attendance. From T-Paw to Portman to Jindal. So will John McCain and Karl Rove and Condoleezza Rice.

And if you're a high rolling Republican donor or a Romney bundler with juice, you could get some face time. More from Shush Walshe and the rest of our political team -

Ad Nauseum - A Day in the Life of 2012 Ads - A refreshing tsunami of new, informative political ads has arrived - all in one day! Just kidding - they're the same old spots, amplifying sound bites to fit a one-sided narrative. But still, it's a whopper of advertisements to digest in just one afternoon. If this is anything of a precursor of what's to come after the summer … well, maybe best to take a bathroom break during the commercials. Here's a cheat-sheet for the ads coming to a TV in a swing state near you. Tags: Romney the corporate raider, The fine print on Obama, and whole lotta asterisks - (Matt Negrin)

Choose Your Own 2012 Adventure - Things that Could Happen that Could Change the Race -

Jesse Ventura: A Surfer's Road Trip to Gary Johnson - former governor, former SEAL, former wrestler, current surfer and road tripper and Libertarian endorser -

12 Cool Historical Campaign Posters -

Some Matt Jaffe Prep on Romney and Latinos Ahead of Tomorrow's NALEO Speech - More from him on that tomorrow -

1. Waiting for Romney: Dems Pounce on Senate Leader's Refusal to Outline GOP Immigration Position - 2. Obama Polls Strong Among Latinos Since Changing Deportation Rules - If Mitt Romney earlier this year faced an uphill battle with Latinos, the nation's fastest-growing voting bloc, that hill just turned into a mountain.

Romney Campaign Says 'Stay Tuned' for Address to Latino Group - (Shushannah Walshe)

6 Political Clicks for Lunch -

Back to Contempt:

Executive Privilege Through History - GW to GWB -

Boehner and Cantor say Holder can Still Give Up Docs - (John Parkinson)

Murdered Border Agent's Family Says Obama 'Compounding This Tragedy' with Executive Privilege Assertion - The family of slain U.S. Border Patrol agent Brian Terry, who was killed with guns tied to the Fast and Furious program, issued a statement Wednesday afternoon accusing President Obama of compounding their family tragedy by invoking executive privilege. (Jake Tapper & Mary Bruce)

What Contempt of Congress Actually Means - It's a special club that includes Janet Reno, Harriet Miers and William French Smith - It's unlikely to result in actual real legal action (but could), but is a real political headache - (Negrin)

(Insert joke about DOJ attorneys prosecuting crimes against Congress with Roger Clemens punch line here.)

Obama Campaign: We Will Be Outspent in 2012-President Obama smashed fundraising records in 2008, collecting $746 million to win what turned out to be the most expensive presidential contest in history. (Devin Dwyer & Michael Falcone)

'Joe the Plumber' Equates the Holocaust With Gun Control Laws - Joe "the Plumber" Wurzelbacher is drawing scorn from far outside of the northern Ohio district where he's running for Congress after posting a campaign video this week that seems to blame the Holocaust and Armenian genocide on gun control. (Amy Bingham)

Veep Beat: The VP Tangle for Romney and Rubio - Romney quiets Rubio rumors; Rubio stays mum; what happened with Rubio?; 'Bain way' of decision-making for VP selection; Pawlenty rising; unknown contenders; Portman's Ohio network; Portman's spooky connection; President Daniels..of Purdue; vampires in Jersey?; Rubio's top 100 (Arlette Saenz)

Rielle Hunter: No Regrets About Following Her Heart - Some see her as Rielle the man-hunter, Rielle the marriage destroyer or Rielle, the woman who brought down former presidential candidate John Edwards. (Alice Gomstyn)

Live Blogging 'Life's a Tripp' - Welcome to the first installment of live blogging "Bristol Palin: Life's a Tripp." We'll recap each episode here every week. This show is premiering after "Dance Moms," so TLC must have high hopes. The first episode is a two-part series. and the second is titled, "From Bad to Worse," which sounds about right. (Amber Porter)

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