Immigration Shuffle, Obama and Romney Interrupted, Sam and Cokie and ABC's Watergate Archive

40th Anniversary - Recalling Watergate with Sam Donaldson and Cokie Roberts- (and very cool archive video) - (Chris Good)

On This Week: David Plouffe, T-Paw on the Roundtable -

Army Mom, Openly Serving, Is Face of Pentagon Pride -

Immigration Infographic - Who are Illegal/Undocumented Immigrants -

What happened today? President Obama interrupted Mitt Romney's bus tour to announce that his administration wouldn't seek to deport up to 800,000 children of illegal immigrants in this country. And a reporter interrupted Obama.

Obama - "This is not amnesty. This is not immunity. This is not a path to citizenship. It's not a permanent fix. This is a temporary, stopgap measure that lets us focus our resources wisely while giving a degree of relief and hope to talented, driven, patriotic young people."

Janet Natpolitano Explains The Detes to Pierre Thomas -

Let the Parsing Begin!

Obama's Semantics - How Can He Do It? - Republicans say Obama lacks the authority to stop deportations. Obama did not sign an executive order; rather, this is being billed as "prosecutorial discretion."

Romney's Semantics - What Does He Support? - Mitt Romney, his bus tour interrupted, said several times that he agrees with Marco Rubio. But on what? Campaign aides were quick to say Romney had not endorsed Rubio's version of a DREAM Act, which is still in draft form. He said he wants to see legislation, but aides said not specifically Rubio's. There was some question as to which clause of Romney's statement referred to which clause of Rubio's statement.

End result - We're not really sure if Romney thinks that the children of illegal immigrants, ultimately, should be deported or not. The last definitive statements are that he would veto the DREAM Act.

Bottom line - Is there any way to view this decision, which could have been made at any other time, than: Obama gains with Latino voters, Romney remains opaque?

POTUS Interruptus - Oh, and some reporter interrupted the president during his statement. Universal condemnation ensued.

Our Favorite Hecklings of Yore -

Hecklers Are Rude, But Obama Doesn't Often Take Questions -The Daily Caller's Neil Munro invited the scorn of journalists in Washington with his outburst, but it is also true that getting a question to a president on his terms is no easy task - (Matt Negrin)

Rick Klein Explains Why Obama's Immigration Surprise Puts GOP in Political Bind -

Limbaugh Slams Obama Immigration Plan As 'Open Borders Friday' - (Amy Bingham)

On Immigration Day, Business Follows Pleasure - Obama delayed announcement for lunch with supporters - (Matt Negrin)

Romney Kicks off Bus Tour, Says Obama Fails Middle Class -STRATHAM, N.H. - Mitt Romney officially kicked off his five-day, six-state bus tour here today, on the very farm where he launched his presidential bid last June, telling supporters that there has been no president who has failed middle-class Americans more than President Obama and that if elected, he will "hear" the voices of the American people. (Emily Friedman & Michael Falcone)

Could Pennsylvania Go Red? - When Mitt Romney's bus tour pulls into Pennsylvania on [line break deleted] Saturday, it will be entering a state no Republican candidate has won since George H.W. Bush in 1988. John McCain lost the state to Barack Obama by more than 10 points in 2008, and with 1 million more voters registered Democrat than Republican, it should be enemy territory for the Romney team. (Shushannah Walshe & Emily Friedman)

Enemy Territory - Tour Hits Many Counties Obama Carried in 2008 - (Elizabeth Hartfield)

U-2 Pilot Gary Powers Receives Silver Star - At a Pentagon ceremony today, the Air Force posthumously awarded the Silver Star to the family of U-2 pilot Francis Gary Powers who was shot down over the Soviet Union in 1960, a key event in the Cold War. [needs fewer spaces]The Silver Star is the third-highest military decoration for valor. (Luis Martinez)

Ann Romney Envisions Her Role As First Lady - Minutes after her husband got off the stage in New Hampshire launching his bus tour, Ann Romney got back on the bus and took to the Pennsylvania airwaves where the bus will stop Saturday. She said that if her husband makes it to the White House, the causes she will champion as first lady will be breast cancer and multiple sclerosis research, as well as help for at-risk youth. - (Shush Walshe)

McCain's Straight Talk Express Targets Adelson's Casino Cash - John McCain, the former GOP nominee whom President Obama has gone [delete one space] praised [unclear wording here] in comparing him with Mitt Romney, speaks his mind on PBS about the biggest Republican super PAC funder: (Matt Negrin)

Romney Strategist Addresses Transparency Complaints - BOSTON - A senior Romney strategist offered no apologies this morning on behalf of the candidate who often holds closed-to-press meetings with voters as well as meetings with congressional leaders with which the traveling press is unaware until their conclusion. (Emily Friedman)

Como Se Dice Watergate? An Interview in ½ Spanish with a Watergate Burglar - (Jilian Fama)

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