Optimistic Romney Says Walker Win Will 'Echo'

SAN ANTONIO, Texas - Mitt Romney today said that he believes last night's victory by Wisconsin's Republican Gov. Scott Walker bodes well for his chances of defeating President Obama this fall.

"It will echo throughout the country," said Romney of last night's recall election at a private fundraiser this morning at a San Antonio hotel, according to a pool report at the event.

"[Wisconsin] tends to be a blue state in presidential elections, we don't win a lot in Wisconsin," Romney said, speaking to a crowd of more than 380, some of whom had paid as much as $50,000 to attend.

"The last time we won Wisconsin was 1984. It's been blue voting for president since then," he said.

"What happened yesterday was people looked at a Republican governor, a conservative, and even though they may have been Democrat or independent, they looked at the record of a conservative who cut back on the size of government, who held down taxes, who said we had to reform, in this case public sector unions that asked for too much, and then he went to the polls," said Romney.

Romney's campaign has similarly been centered on the economy - the candidate vowing to shrink the size of government and change the way union rules work.

"Yesterday was won by the people of Wisconsin doing the right thing and voting for conservative principles," Romney said. "I think people recognize we just can't keep going down the same path that we're on."

Romney reiterated these thoughts a second time Wednesday during a tele-townhall with the National Federation of Independent Business Members, telling callers on the line that "the vote we saw last night in Wisconsin" is one we will find "in the decisions being made in November."

"And if I become president I will inaugurate once again a commitment to free enterprise and to free people choosing to pursue their path in life," said Romney.

Romney, who during a campaign swing to Wisconsin in April spoke in support of Walker during events there, stayed quiet about yesterday's recall election, ignoring reporters' questions on the topic following a stop in Fort Worth, Texas. The candidate, who hasn't returned to Wisconsin since that trip, released a statement after the race was called for Walker later in the evening.

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