Romney's Immigrant Story, A Good Day for Fleeting Expletives, Biden's Bedside and Scott Brown's Royalty (PM Note)

It Was a Good Day for Broadcasters, Fleeting Curse-Word Users and the Partially Nude on TV - More on SCOTUS and FCC from Ariane de Vogue -

Cher is a 4 Letter Word, But Nicole Richie Is Just "A Person" -

Today pretty much (but not entirely) assures Immigration and Health Reform next week -

QOTD - Biden's Bedside - "I am a Phillies fan but my wife is an absolute fanatical Phillies fan. And every night when I go to bed, true story, if Jill's awake I lean over and kiss her goodnight. As I turn my head, I look right into a bobble head Jimmy Rollins doll sitting on the end table. That's more than a man should have to take." - Joe Biden during an event on a new PSA against dating violence -

BONUS QOTD - Scott Brown Holds Court - "Each and every day that I've been a United States senator, I've been either discussing issues, meeting on issues, in secret meetings, with kings and queens and prime ministers and business leaders and military leaders, talking, voting, working on issues every single day." - Scott Brown, uttering words his office said were misinterpreted. Not what you'd expect from Massachusetts-based godfather of the Tea Party.

Democrats instantly parody -

Romney's Pitch to Latinos - Obama gets tomorrow to explain to Latinos at NALEO why his most important initiative on immigration came six months before his re-election.

Today it was Romney's turn to explain his hard line during the primary. He argued that President Obama hasn't fixed the economy, which hurts Latinos. And he argued that President Obama couldn't enact immigration reform in his first two years in office. And he said he'd put aside Obama's stopgap solutions - like not deporting the children of illegal immigrants - and find a permanent one. (Matt Jaffe)

He didn't mention that the DREAM Act failed by five votes to reach 60 in the 2010 Lame Duck. And he didn't mention the two times George W. Bush attempted unsuccessfully to pass comprehensive reform.

He did tell his own family history as a sort of immigrant story.

Romney: I've spoken often about how proud I am of my father. He was born to American parents living in Mexico. When he was five, they left everything behind, and started over in the United States.

His dad - my grandfather - was a builder who went bust more than once. My grandfather didn't make much money. There were times in my dad's life when he lived in poverty. But my grandfather had big hopes for my dad, and tried to help him as best he could.

My Dad didn't finish college. But he believed in a country where the circumstances of one's birth were not a barrier to achievement - and he wasn't afraid of hard work. He held odd jobs - lath and plaster and selling paint. He was lucky enough to live in America, where hard work can turn aspirations into realities. And he became the leader of a great car company and the governor of a great state.

This is my father's story - but it could be any American's.

Democrats Want you To Think Romney is Rooting for a Bad Economy - Witness their reaction to the Bloomberg report that Romney's campaign asked Florida Gov. Rick Scott to downplay economic news - More from Matt Negrin -

Gallup: Atheist, Muslim Candidates Face Barriers in U.S. -

Ron Paul Collects Social Security - Even though he wants younger generations to transition away from Social Security, the Texas congressman and Republican presidential candidate says he receives checks. (Chris Good)

Scott Walker Gets Honey Badgered - (Chris Moody)

Senate Votes to End Public Financing for (Future) Party Conventions - The party is over, Sen. Tom Coburn, R-Okla., declared today. The Senate has voted to end public financing for political party conventions. The measure passed as an amendment to the Farm Bill by an overwhelming and bipartisan vote of 95-4. - (Sunlen Miller)

Boehner Says Don't Spike the Football if Health Reform Overturned - (More Chris Moody)

Pelosi Remains Confident In Upcoming Supreme Court Healthcare Ruling - With the Supreme Court's decision on the Affordable Care Act about to be handed down within the next week, the focus has turned to how each political party will react, depending on how the justices rule. (John Parkinson)

Obama, GOP Clash Over Student Loans - President Obama today demanded lawmakers act to prevent interest rates on student loans from doubling on July 1, saying it was "mind-boggling" that the stalemate has lasted this long. (Mary Bruce & Sunlen Miller)

Caption Contest - It's either fright night or peek-a-boo with @MichelleObama -

Fast and Furious - Today's Q's for O's WH - TAPPER: The documents being blocked through executive privilege, are any of them to or from individuals in the White House, or are they all internal DOJ documents? (Jake Tapper)

Pelosi Says Contempt Charge a Right-Wing Scheme on Voter Rights - House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi blasted Wednesday's contempt proceedings over the Oversight and Government Reform committee's Fast and Furious investigation as a "shameful display of abuse of power" by House Republicans. She claims it's part of a right-wing "over-the-edge" scheme to strike back against Attorney General Eric Holder for defending voting rights across the country. (John Parkinson)

Marco Rubio Says Holder Should Resign -

Commerce Secretary Bryson Resigns After Medical Leave - Less than two weeks after taking a medical leave of absence following a seizure and a string of bizarre car accidents, Commerce Secretary John Bryson is resigning. (Mary Bruce)

Jeb Bush Discusses 'Common Ground' With Obama at NALEO -

Gay Rights Group Endorses Romney - Despite his recently announced support for gay marriage, not all gay rights groups are showing their love for President Obama. (Amy Bingham)

Obama TV Ad Targets Women in Key States - Aiming to shore up support among women voters in critical swing states, the Obama campaign is out with a positive TV ad highlighting the first bill President Obama signed into law - the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act. (Devin Dwyer)

Meet Marijuana's Semi-Famous Superdonors - As political causes go, legalizing pot isn't as glitzy as re-electing Barack Obama. Sarah Jessica Parker and George Clooney are not on marijuana's A-list. But with marijuana initiatives on state ballots in Colorado and Washington in 2012, after Prop. 19-s failure in California in 2010, pot enjoys the financial backing of a small cadre of semi-famous people. We guarantee it! (Chris Good)

America's Bad Economy Is Biggest Foreign Policy Threat - In a wide-ranging conversation between current Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Former Secretary of State James Baker said she's spent much of her tenure as Secretary of State "reassuring" the world's leaders in government and in business that the U.S. economy is moving forward, and that the American government recognizes "We have to put our economic house in order." (Dana Hughes)

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