The Note's Must-Reads for Tuesday, June 12, 2012

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Compiled by ABC News' Jayce Henderson, Amanda VanAllen, and Courtney Mims

MITT ROMNEY ABC's Emily Friedman: Romney says He Hopes Supreme Court "Does the right thing on Health care" Mitt Romney today said he hopes the country's highest court " does the right thing" and overturns the health plan established by President Obama. "Gosh, I hope they do the right thing and turn this thing down," said Romney during a high dollar fundraiser in Atlanta, where donors had paid as much as $50,000 for time with presumptive GOP nominee. LINK

The New York Times' Trip Gabriel: " Vouchers Unspoken, Romney Hails School Choice" "Voucher" is a fighting word in education, so it may be understandable that when Mitt Romney speaks about improving the nation's schools, he never uses that term. LINK

Bloomberg's Lisa Lerer: " Romney Aide Oversees Fundraising That Makes Him Cash, Too" Two years after Mitt Romney's first run for president and about a year before the official start of his current one, aide Spencer Zwick took his pitch to coffee with a Washington lobbyist. The argument, recalled the lobbyist, was simple: Romney's qualified, ready, and has no skeletons in his closet - and if anyone would know, it would be Zwick. LINK

PRESIDENT OBAMA The Washington Post's David Nakamura: " Obama says he was too busy to campaign in Wisconsin recall election" President Obama suggested Monday that he was too busy to campaign in Wisconsin ahead of the recall election that targeted Republican Gov. Scott Walker, whose victory last week has raised questions about whether there are broader implications for the president in the fall. LINK

Politico's Donovan Slack: " Not bad for a Tuesday…" President Obama, continuing his harried fundraising pace, will hit six events on Tuesday that are expected to bring in at least $3.6 million for his campaign. Two of the most lucrative are $40,000-a-head "campaign roundtables" as the president's team has dubbed them - closed-press events where high-dollar donors can meet and talk privately with the president and remain anonymous. LINK

The Hills' Amie Parnes: " Obama says his 'responsibilities' kept him from Wisconsin during recall fight" President Obama says he would have "loved to have seen a different result" following last week's recall election in Wisconsin but other matters kept him from hitting the Badger State. "The truth of the matter is that as President of the United States, I have a lot of responsibilities," Obama told ACB affiliate WBAY of Green Bay during an interview at the White House on Monday. LINK

USA Today's David Jackson : "Obama's Political fate could rest with Europe's Economy" Forget Ohio and Virginia. President Obama's bid for a second term may be decided in Europe. Concerned that Europe's economic problems could slow down and even reverse a U.S. recovery has now seemingly spread to the White House, where Obama already faces a tough re-election bid against republican Mitt Romney "Right Now, one concern is Europe, which faces a threat of renewed recession as countries deal with a financial crisis" Obama said at his Friday news conference on the economy. LINK

WSJ's Carol Lee and Laura Meckler: " Obama to Revisit Economic Debate" President Barak Obama will use a campaign policy speech Thursday to contrast his preferred approach for the country's economic future with ideas proposed by his likely republican opponent, Mitt Romney, people familiar with the speech said. LINK

OBAMA/ROMNEY The Los Angeles Times' Paul West: " For Obama and Romney, Virginia could hold the key" Less than an hour's drive out of Washington, when commuter traffic isn't jamming Interstate 66, a new Battle of Bull Run is underway. Obama campaign volunteers, armed with clipboards, have spent weeks registering voters at a modern campus on the hill where a famous general gained the nickname "Stonewall." LINK

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