Beyonce Resurfaces Love for First Lady in Campaign Video

Kristoffer Tripplaar/Getty Images

In April, Singer Beyonce voiced her support and gratitude toward the first lady not in a song, but in a letter. Knowles posted the handwritten letter on her website, publicly displaying her appreciation for Michelle. Today, Beyonce has resurfaced the love letter along with an explanation of her admiration, reading it out loud in a video posted on the Obama campaign site.

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"I wrote a letter to the first lady because I wanted her to know that I'm very grateful for everything she's doing for our country and also for women around the world," Beyonce explains. "I'm so in awe of Michelle Obama. Every time I see her, she inspires me, she empowers me, she encourages me to live a healthy lifestyle."

The love fest between the singer and the first lady does not stop there. When asked in May by People magazine who she'd be if she could be someone else, Mrs. Obama expressed her admiration for the singer, replying, "Gosh. If I had some gift, I'd be Beyonce, I'd be some great singer."

Watch Beyonce Entertain the first family HERE

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