Boo-Yah, The 33rd House Obamacare Vote, Responding is Losing, The I'm Rubber, You're Glue Campaign (PM Note)

The Best of Recent Political Booings -

A 33rd House Obamacare Repeal, Reduce or Defund Vote -

Boo-Yah - Mitt Romney stormed into the NAACP with some talk of bipartisanship and working together and a whole lot of jabs about President Obama, how his policies have failed, and how a conservative president would be better for black America.

He got booed. And a bit later he told Neil Cavuto he expected to get booed.

Was it a Taunt? - "I believe he included that part of the speech intentionally," Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed said. "He wasn't speaking to the NAACP audience at all," Reed said. "To his base it will make him look strong, but he never stands up to anybody else."

Romney - "I am going to give the same message to the NAACP that I give across the country, which is that Obamacare is killing jobs, and if jobs is the priority, then we're going to have to replace it with something that actually holds down healthcare costs, as opposed to causing more spending for the government and more spending for American families," Romney told Neil Cavuto on Fox Business Network.

All Things Boo are Here - (Negrin)

Get more pure politics at ABC and a lighter take on the news at

Atmospherics from the Speech - (Friedman) Y! Offers This Photo of the Day, Which Includes a Larger-than-life hand and Romney's Head -

Obama Has a Growing Problem with Independent Voters - Digging into the crosstabs of our ABC/Washington Post poll it's clear that Obama has a significant problem with independent voters. On every measure, independents are significantly more disappointed with the president and more open to a Mitt Romney message. (Amy Walter)

Romney as 'Snow White With Testicles' - Rush Limbaugh's Take on the NAACP and Obamacare - "OK, give them the benefit of the doubt. They don't know what's in it. They don't care what's in it. All they know is it's Obama's plan, and here comes Snow White with Testicles in there ripping it to shreds, and so they're booing him." -

Romney Offers (Slight) Inaccuracy in Tax Response - Mitt Romney offered a slightly inaccurate version of his tax return history in an interview today, saying he's released two years of tax returns and that he has released the "same level of information" as John McCain and John Kerry. - (Shush Walshe)

Responding = Losing - In that Cavuto interview Romney also made a Men in Black reference with regard to Veepstakes and he said this about why he's not more forceful in responding to attacks on his business career and personality from the left:

"I respond to the attacks that come, but they say in politics if you are responding, you are losing."

The I'm Rubber, You're Glue Campaign - Romney does have Republican allies to respond for him. It's starting to sound like this, per Chris Good - You're an outsourcer! No, you're an outsourcer! You're waging a war on women! No, you are! That's what the 2012 presidential campaign sounds like right now, as the two candidates quibble - onstage and in their TV ads - about who really sent U.S. jobs overseas and who really wants to harm women.

Dwyer Queries Carney on Outsourcing - Today's Q's for the WH - "In 2008, candidate Obama promised to end tax breaks for companies that ship jobs overseas. We heard it yesterday in Cedar Rapids. You just touched on it again. Why hasn't that happened in three and a half years?"

Politicos En Espanol - The rhetorical war this week is at NAACP. Biden is at the convention in Texas tomorrow (Obama didn't have time to address the group this year.) But the air war this week is over Hispanics. Obama holds a near monopoly over the black vote if recent polling is to be believed. Romney could make inroads among Hispanics. Shush Walshe reports that a few hours after the Romney campaign released a new Spanish language ad, the pro-Obama super PAC, Priorities USA, partnered with the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) and have released three new ads today, a total of nine so far. (Shushannah Walshe)

Senator Takes on HBO Over 'Newsroom' Allegation - Aaron Sorkin's take on the Tea Party movement in the latest episode of "The Newsroom" has come under attack from Utah Sen. Mike Lee, who takes issue with the series' portrayal of his 2010 campaign. (Kyle Blaine)

White Women Who Like Obama, Dislike His Policies Hold Key to 2012 Election - In every presidential election it seems, we try to isolate one voter group as key to the outcome. In reality, a victorious coalition is made up of voters from every demographic group. The winning margin is achieved through building up margins in key support groups, undercutting the opposition among their support groups, and appealing to independent voters of all kinds. (Matthew Dowd)

Obama Says Chavez Hasn't Posed Serious Threat - (Olivier Knox)

Obama Softens Some Sanctions on Burma - President Obama today announced his administration is easing restrictions on U.S. companies seeing to "responsibly do business in Burma." (Jon Garcia)

Senate Democrats Block a Vote on President Obama's Tax Plan - Senate Democrats today blocked a vote on President Obama's own tax plan. (Sunlen Miller)

See That Girl: Pelosi Dancing Queen at Barney Frank's Wedding - House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi is known for her ability to work the House floor for votes on legislation, but it is her moves on the dance floor at Rep. Barney Frank's wedding reception last weekend that's drawing attention now - on Youtube. (Kyle Blaine)

Green Party Candidate Jill Stein's Running Mate Is Not Roseanne Barr - Long-shot Green Party candidate Jill Stein has chosen her running mate: Cheri Honkala, who, Stein said, is "the nation's leading anti-poverty advocate." Honkala is so obscure that Wikipedia doesn't have a page for her (as of this writing). (Matt Negrin)

Biden Warns of 'Six Scalias' on Court Under Romney - Vice President Joe Biden warned supporters on Tuesday that a Mitt Romney presidency could mean a Supreme Court with "six Scalias," referring to Justice Antonin Scalia, one of the court's most conservative members. (Devin Dwyer)

Veep Beat: Portman's Meetings with Team Romney - Portman talks with Romney team; Rubio's fundraising prowess; Rubio calls Obama's foreign policy understanding 'naive'; McDonnell weighing opting out of Medicaid; No vet for Haley; Palin speaks; Veeps on Obama's tax policy (Arlette Saenz)

When the Dog Eats Your Financial Disclosure Forms - Financial disclosures are all the rage lately, and Mitt Romney's excuse for not releasing all of his reminds us of some lines we've heard before. (Matt Negrin)

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