Governor Christie Rejects Bloomberg's 'Daddy State' Large Soda Ban

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We sat down in Trenton with New Jersey Governor Chris Christie for a profile to air on "Nightline" tonight.

Here's one exchange we had about New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg's proposed ban of sugary drinks in containers larger than 16 ounces.

JAKE TAPPER: What do you think of Mayor Bloomberg's new soda ban, sort of large container ban?

GOV. CHRIS CHRISTIE: I just think it's government run amok. Government run amok. People have to make choices. Sometimes they're going to make good choices, sometimes they're going to make bad choices. But I don't think we should have a daddy state.

Watch ABC News' Jake Tapper's full interview with Gov. Chris Christie on "Nightline" tonight at 11:35 p.m. ET.

He doesn't think the government should be dictating cup size, but Christie said personal discipline is not the only element of weight loss. He has had his own problems with weight and he opened up about his struggle.

"I mean, see, listen, I think there's a fundamental misunderstanding among people regarding weight and regarding all those things that go into, to people being overweight," Christie said in an interview that will air Tuesday on "Nightline." "I think folks say - yeah, well he must just not be disciplined, you know, or he must not have willpower - that kind of thing. I guess the best analogy to make is some people drink too much. Some people take drugs. Some people eat too much. See, you can go live every day without drinking. You can live every day without taking drugs. You can't live every without eating."

Read more about that exchange and whether he would consider gastric bypass surgery.

-Jake Tapper

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