Holder on Modern Poll Taxes, Abraham Lincon - Homeboy, Outsourcing Counterpunch, Tax Talk, Where is Jesse Jackson (PM Note)

Holder Equates Texas Voter ID Law with Poll Tax - http://abcn.ws/MXkhSI

The Jekkyl and Hyde Candidates - They fundraise in the Hamptons and Hollywood. But they campaign at picnic grounds you can reserve for $25. How to appear down home one hour, and ask the rich for cash the next - http://abcn.ws/OV4Zgk

Mystery, Anger Grow over Rep. Jesse Jackson's Absence from Congress - Aide seeks to shoot down rumors - CHICAGO - Nearly two weeks after Rep. Jesse Jackson's staff released a murky statement that he was undergoing "extended in-patient treatment" due to an unspecified condition, the mystery around the high-profile congressman's disappearance from Congress is growing and starting to raise the concerns of his colleagues and constituents alike. http://abcn.ws/O0Ujbk (Jaffe 'n Parkinson)

Tax Talk - New Packaging for an Old Issue - http://abcn.ws/RZfFL4

Person vs. Policy - The Attack Phase - We've entered the tit-for-tat phase of the campaign where every candidate and surrogate appearance feels, for better or worse, like a sparring session. Dissecting the punches from the two sides, Obama's seem more personal and Romney's seem more policy-driven. Matt Negrin finds that's a complete reversal from 2008 - http://abcn.ws/NmnlSP

Obama Calls for Tax Hike with 'Homeboy' Abe in Crowd - CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa - At a grassroots campaign rally to push an extension of middle-class tax cuts, President Obama today motioned to an "Abraham Lincoln" impersonator standing in the crowd, calling the remarkable resemblance a sign that one major Republican backs his second term. But that is about as wishful a thinking as Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter - http://abcn.ws/PJ4Ca8 (Devin Dwyer)

Outsourcing Counter-Punch - Romney Hits Back, Calls Obama Outsourcer in Chief - GRAND JUNCTION, Colo.- Mitt Romney today called President Obama an "outsourcer-in-chief," responding for the first time to attacks by the president's campaign that suggest he sent jobs overseas jobs during his years at Bain Capital. http://abcn.ws/LFEc93 (Emily Friedman)

Reince Priebus Says Obama Guilty of the 'Ultimate Sin' - "He has taken taxpayer money, sent it to companies overseas with the promise that somehow it is going to come back to create jobs in places like Iowa and the Midwest and it didn't happen," Priebus said in an interview with ABC News outside Obama's event at Kirkwood Community College. http://abcn.ws/L6xToP (Devin Dwyer)

Romney Says There's Nothing Hidden in His Unreleased Tax Returns - GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. - Mitt Romney said there is "nothing hidden" in his tax returns that have yet to be released, responding to a question during a radio interview set to air later today regarding an onslaught of criticism from Democrats - including President Obama - on his refusal to be more transparent with his financial records. http://abcn.ws/MUdNnD (Emily Friedman)

Romney Will Lose If Dems 'Turn Him Into a Caricature' - Tad Devine knows a little something about a candidate losing control of his narrative. The Democratic media consultant served as a senior adviser and strategist to Democrat Sen. John Kerry's 2004 campaign for president, a campaign best remembered for coining the phrase "Swift Boating." http://abcn.ws/NG3obF (Amy Walter)

GOP Tax Plan Benefits Hilton, Trump, Reid Says - The floodgates, opened by President Obama yesterday, over taxes have been opened on Capitol Hill. http://abcn.ws/OWZcac (Sunlen Miller)

Nevada Rep. Shelley Berkley Combats Allegations of Ethics Violations - After the House Ethics committee decided to move forward its investigation of alleged ethics violations by Rep. Shelley Berkley, the Nevada Democrat maintained a cool composure while insisting that her actions were motivated not by personal gain, but by her responsibility to constituents. http://abcn.ws/Nny1nt (John Parkinson)

From OTUS - Politically Dressed: What Michelle Obama Should Wear - Second in a Series - http://abcn.ws/MgPfFJ

Oh That Joe - Joe Biden as a kid: Big Family, Thin Walls - http://abcn.ws/O1nBGS More Oh That Joes - an occasional series on your VP - http://abcn.ws/MGphqo

Hillary Clinton Beset by Coughing Fit in Hanoi - Secretary of State Hillary Clinton may seem to have the energy of a superhero as she flies around the world at what seems like the speed of light. http://abcn.ws/Mj1vBU (Dana Hughes)

On Obama Adviser's Disclosure Form: 'Bermuda' - A lot of attention has been focused lately on Mitt Romney's offshore finances in places like the Cayman Islands and Bermuda. http://abcn.ws/NHCOib (Matt Negrin & John Parkinson)

Biden to Latino group: 'Romney wants you to show your papers, but he won't show us his' - http://abcn.ws/NgVVkN

Carefully Crafted Column About the Word Carefully - http://yhoo.it/MgbXxU

Crossroads GPS Launches New Ads in Senate Battleground States - In three of the nation's most hotly contested Senate races, the Republican-aligned American Crossroads GPS is airing new TV ads beginning today. http://abcn.ws/NZZ1WL (Chris Good)

No Love Lost? Boehner 'Enthusiastically' Backing Romney - After he was recently quoted telling supporters at a fundraiser that "the American people probably aren't going to fall in love with Mitt Romney," House Speaker John Boehner now says he will be voting "enthusiastically" for Romney this fall. http://abcn.ws/NdP9Nx (John Parkinson)

Veepstakes: Portman Met with Romney Aides - Sen. Rob Portman told ABC News today that he had six meetings over a six hour time span with some of Mitt Romney's chief campaign advisors and did not deny meeting with Beth Myers, the woman charged with vetting a potential running mate. http://abcn.ws/NdGWZH (Emily Friedman & Gregory Simmons)

FLASHBACK: Obama Decries Negative Ads as 'Disservice' on '08 Cedar Rapids Visit - CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa - When candidate Barack Obama hosted a town hall meeting here four years ago, he decried the "predictable political attacks and demonstrably false statements" of his rival, Sen. John McCain. http://abcn.ws/NlwXwU (Devin Dwyer)

Obama Campaign 'Assumed' Romney Would Raise More Money, Advisor Says - That's what the president's top political strategist, David Plouffe, told me on GMA when I asked him about the Obama Campaign's fundraising pitch entitled "We could lose if this continues" that was blasted out following the news that Romney outraised the president by $35 million in June. http://abcn.ws/LEIpKh (George Stephanopoulos)

House Gears Up to Repeal Obamacare (Again) - Less than two weeks after the Supreme Court upheld the president's health care reform law, the House of Representatives is set to vote to repeal the legislation again in what Democrats have decried as a political show vote while also embracing it as another opportunity to explain the perks of the law to voters. http://abcn.ws/Nmxwu2 (John Parkinson)

Veep Beat: Is Jeb Bush a No-Go for VP? - No vetting for Jeb Bush, son says; A look at veepstakes past; Is Romney gutsy enough to pick Christie?; Christie will "wait and see" on healthcare; Ryan raising cash for Romney; Money pours into Ryan's coffers http://abcn.ws/OVLwwb (Arlette Saenz)

Santorum Heads to Iowa, Hasn't 'Been in Touch' with Romney Camp - Iowa brought Rick Santorum glory - belated glory, but glory nonetheless - when he was finally proclaimed the winner of January's Iowa caucuses. Now he's heading back to thank those who helped himpull off the surprise win, launching a two day trip there Tuesday. He is not there to campaign in the battleground state of Iowa for Mitt Romney, though, saying in an interview Monday, "I haven't been in touch with the Romney campaign." http://abcn.ws/MeNR1d (Shushannah Walshe)

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