Michelle Obama to Launch Voter Turnout Initiative

VIDEO: Wife of presumptive GOP presidential nominee discusses campaign 2012 on "GMA."

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First lady Michelle Obama is launching a new grassroots initiative to get out the vote for President Obama's reelection campaign this November.

Her new effort, "It Takes One," encourages voters to inspire others to get involved in the campaign themselves. In her preview video released this morning, Mrs. Obama speaks directly to voters, inspiring them to take the time to encourage just one more supporter to get involved in campaigning, or to get one more voter out to the polls in November.

"That one new voter you register in your precinct, that one neighbor you help get to the polls on November 6 - that could make all the difference," the first lady said. "That could be the difference between waking up on November 7 to the promise of four more years, or asking yourself, 'Could I have done more?'" Watch the full video here:

In a statement released this morning, the White House confirmed that the initiative will be officially announced during Michelle Obama's campaign stops in Virginia on Friday. The statement said that the first lady "will personally take part in It Takes One outreach and grassroots activities, such as building local Neighborhood Teams." State-based efforts in battleground states will launch next week.

Grassroots initiatives, particularly among the younger demographic, is what elected Obama to the presidency in 2008. The president's campaign has been attempting to reinvigorate those efforts for Obama's reelection, and the first lady has been emphasizing the importance of each and every vote and how difficult she believes Obama's reelection campaign will be for months. In consolidating these messages into one initiative headed by Michelle Obama, a consistent voter favorite, "It Takes One" may prove just what the campaign needs to head its grassroots initiative.

Ann Romney has also become more visible in her husband's campaign. She appeared on GMA Thursday morning in an interview with Robin Roberts. Watch that here:

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