Reince Priebus Says Obama Guilty of the 'Ultimate Sin'

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa - Seeking to turn the tables on President Obama over allegations of outsourcing, Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus today appeared here outside an Obama rally to declare the president guilty of "the ultimate sin."

"He has taken taxpayer money, sent it to companies overseas with the promise that somehow it is going to come back to create jobs in places like Iowa and the Midwest and it didn't happen," Priebus said in an interview with ABC News outside Obama's event at Kirkwood Community College.

"That is the ultimate sin and that is what the president has done," Priebus said. "He is the outsourcer-in-chief."

The message attempts to undercut a similar case Democrats have been making against presumptive GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney, a case which some polls show has been effective at defining Romney with voters.

The GOP launched a multimedia counteroffensive today with Priebus' rare appearance at a presidential event, a new website - - and web video attempting to cast Obama as a failure on his promises from 2008 to end tax credits to companies that "ship jobs overseas" and responsibly manage taxpayers' money.

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"This president is intellectually distorting truth about Mitt Romney. He is doing it knowingly," Priebus said, noting that fact checkers have debunked claims in several of Obama's recent TV attack ads.

The same independent fact checkers, it should be noted, have also scrutinized claims that Obama sent stimulus money overseas as false and misleading. (See several reports here and here.)

Priebus called the entire outsourcing debate bluster from Obama. "He talks a lot but he doesn't deliver, and we are going to start delivering that message to Americans everywhere," he said.

Asked about the precedent for a candidate's release of tax returns and why Romney shouldn't release more than one year's worth, Priebus rebuffed the notion as a "joke."

"This president is playing games. What he ought to do is starting concentrating on the things he promised he would concentrate on which is better jobs for Americans, doing something about our economy, the debt and the deficit," he said.

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