Rush Limbaugh as Grumpy the Dwarf

Here's Rush Limbaugh on his eponymous radio show today, after the NAACP booed Mitt Romney, and channeling his inner Pinto Colvig:

"Romney goes in there today, and he sounded like Snow White with testicles. That's not what this bunch wants to hear."

He's not done - on supporters of President Obama's health care law:

"OK, give them the benefit of the doubt. They don't know what's in it. They don't care what's in it. All they know is it's Obama's plan, and here comes Snow White with Testicles in there ripping it to shreds, and so they're booing him."

Limbaugh made a bunch of references to the "NAALCP" - which he explains is the National Association for the Advancement of Liberal Colored People. His conclusion? That Romney's speech was "over these people's heads":

"Here's Obama sending Biden, not going himself. On the campaign trail, talking about how great his economy is, how great the recovery is, how much better it's gonna be, and how much he's gonna be doing for people. So Romney takes advantage of the occasion. He goes there and makes a speech that is, really, I think over these people's heads, in the sense that his audience was much larger than just inside the convention hall. He's got the media there, and here's an opportunity for Romney to be himself, tell everybody what he stands for, what he believes, what he wants to do, what his problems are. It doesn't matter if he gets booed. By the way, he got a standing O at the end of it. After all of that he did get a standing ovation at the end of his speech at the NAALCP. I don't know how many news media will report that. But I think it's an insult to send Biden to the NAALCP, first black president, election year, can't show up to your convention? Behind closed doors, I'm telling you, and this is Democrat cloakrooms all across the country, there's panic, there's fear, and they know that they are in trouble."

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