The Note's Must-Reads for Tuesday, July 17, 2012

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Compiled by ABC News' Jayce Henderson, Amanda VanAllen, and Carrie Halperin

PRESIDENT OBAMA: The New York Daily News' David Boroff: " President Obama booed after initially failing to deliver 'Kiss Cam' smooch to First Lady during Team USA basketball victory over Brazil" President Obama hopes voters in November will be less fickle than the crowd was at the Verizon Center in Washington, D.C. on Monday night. The President and First Lady were watching the USA vs. Brazil men's basketball exhibition when the arena's "Kiss Cam" spotlighted them during the second quarter. The President and Michelle Obama could be seen smiling on the Jumbotron, but a lame attempt to kiss - even if it could be interpreted that way - came up as an air ball. LINK

The Wall Street Journal's Colleen McCain Nelson: " President's Populist Pitch Divides Suburban Voters" Patty Leatherwood braced for a blow to her family's bottom line when President Barack Obama launched his re-election campaign with promises to compel the better-off to pay their "fair share." The 38-year-old executive assistant voted for Mr. Obama four years ago. LINK

MITT ROMNEY / GOP: The Washington Times' Ralph Hallow: " Conservatives worry about state strategy for Romney" Some state Republican Party leaders and influential conservatives say they are worried that the early stages of Mitt Romney's campaign have been marked by missteps and missed opportunities in the bid to unseat President Obama in November. LINK

USA Today's Catalina Camia: " Romney aide: No decision on VP pick" A top aide to Mitt Romney says no decision has been made about the Republican's running mate, despite a New York Times report that has everyone buzzing. The Associated Press reports Eric Fehrnstrom, a Romney strategist, said Romney could make a final decision in the coming days. LINK

The Washington Post's T.W. Farnam and Dan Eggen: " Republican fundraising engine shifts into a higher gear" Friends and associates from Mitt Romney's business career have donated millions of dollars to help his presidential candidacy, becoming central to a massive network of volunteer fundraisers that has allowed him to raise more money than President Obama in recent months, new records show. Current and former employees of Bain Capital, Romney's former private equity company, and the consulting firm Bain & Co. have donated at least $5 million to back the candidate, including funds given to the Republican Party and the independent super PAC supporting him. LINK

BAIN / OTHER: ABC News' Matt Negrin: " Democrats Revive Attack That Romney Misstated Role at Bain" Democrats reupped their main point of attack against Mitt Romney today, suggesting once again that the presumed Republican candidate might have committed a felony as the GOP camp refused to play ball. Last week, Romney demanded in five interviews with the main TV networks that President Obama apologize for his campaign's implication that Romney broke the law by misstating his role at Bain Capital on documents filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Obama said he would not be apologizing. LINK

The Boston Globe's Callum Borchers: " Sparring over Bain details continues" President Obama's reelection campaign continued to hammer Mitt Romney on Sunday on the length of his tenure at Bain Capital and his limited disclosure on tax returns, while Romney's side called the Democrats' attacks an attempt to distract voters from the weak economy. The Obama team rejected the Republican challenger's demand that Obama apologize for his campaign's suggestion last week that Romney might have committed a felony if the federal disclosures he filed about his work at Bain turn out to inaccurately reflect his role in the company. LINK

The Hill's Justin Sink: " Bain ads hit home in swing states" Polling suggests President Obama's attacks on Mitt Romney's private-equity background at Bain Capital are hurting the presumptive GOP nominee in key swing states. Obama's onslaught on Romney has not made a dent in national polls, which show the race for the White House deadlocked. LINK

The New York Times' Peter Baker and Michael D. Shear: " Obama and Romney Step Up Accusations on Jobs" President Obama and Mitt Romney escalated their running battle over capitalism, integrity and the economy on Monday as each sought to portray the other as part of the nation's problem rather than its solution. At a freewheeling town-hall-style meeting with supporters here, Mr. Obama took aim at Mr. Romney's corporate tax proposals, saying they would create jobs overseas rather than at home. Mr. Romney's campaign accused Mr. Obama of "crony capitalism" by using government resources to reward donors at the expense of the middle class. LINK

Politico's Maggie Haberman: " Romney's Olympics uniforms made in Burma" In another type of outsourcing, this on the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympics uniforms made in Burma - According to reports in 2002, the decision to outsource the torchbearer uniforms to Burma caused an uproar among human rights advocates and trade groups. It prompted the head of the International Confederation of Free Trade Unions (ICFTU) to write a letter to the International Olympic Committee (IOC), stating that "No responsible organization or body should make use of products originating in Burma." LINK

ABC NEWS VIDEOS: " People Will Vote for Romney, not His Vice President" LINK

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