Will Donald Trump Show Up At The Republican National Convention?

Sarasota GOP

Those who took time to peruse the Sarasota, Fla. GOP's announcement of Donald Trump as "Statesman of the Year" may have also noticed some convenient timing.

The date of the award ceremony - August 26 - is the day before the Republican National Convention is set to kick-off in nearby Tampa. So is The Donald attending the Republican National Convention?

"One would not be shocked to see Donald Trump at the RNC convention this August," Michael Cohen, executive vice president and special counsel for the Trump Organization, told ABC News. "Mr. Trump continues to offer massive support to Governor Romney in any way he can. And it is no secret that Mr. Trump has massive popularity in Florida," he added.

Cohen was quick to mention Sarasota is a mere hour drive from Tampa.

But there's no official word from convention organizers about what, if any, role Trump will play at the party's summer gathering at which Mitt Romney will officially become the Republican Party's presidential nominee.

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Meanwhile, the Sarasota Republican Party chairman said he was thrilled to have a "courageous" leader like Trump headlining the party's late August dinner.

"As a conservative and a champion of free enterprise, Donald Trump is a keynote leader in this country who commands attention and serious consideration from people of all partisan persuasions. He does not shy away from controversy and is courageous in promoting the fundamental principles that conservatives endorse and strive to achieve," party chairman Joe Gruters said in an invitation to the event.

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