‘Romney Girl’ Mocks Life in His World as ‘Taxless,’ ‘Fantastic’

Aug 9, 2012 12:52pm
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                                                                                                 (Image Credit: Romneygirl.org)

With Obama Girl’s crush on the president fading since her provocative 2008 YouTube video, another scantily clad YouTube lover has stepped up to fill the candidate-crush void, this time mocking Mitt Romney as “fantastic.”

Obama Girl was infatuated, but Romney Girl is satirically infuriated by her candidate of choice. In a parody music video set to the tune of Aqua’s “Barbie Girl,” Romney Girl portrays a Swiss woman taking advantage of the perks that come with Romney’s wealth, like fur coats, hot tubs and shiny red convertibles, all while not-so-subtly criticizing the candidate for his $255 million net worth.

“I’m a Romney girl, in a Romney world. Life is taxless. It’s fantastic,” Romney Girl sings in the video, produced by progressive activist group the Agenda Project. “Silver-tip your hair, tax shelters everywhere, outsource nation, Bain is his creation.”

The three-minute video goes on to criticize Romney satirically for founding  the investment firm Bain Capital, having offshore bank accounts and not releasing his tax returns. A condensed one-minute version of the music video is part of an Agenda Project ad buy running in New York, Washington, D.C., Denver, Wisconsin and Raleigh, N.C.

Erica Payne, president of the Agenda Project Action Fund, would only say that the ad buy was less than $1 million.

“Our goal is that we’ll spark people’s interest in understanding more about his taxes,” Payne said. “We are obviously not trying to make a serious video, but we felt like sometimes if you have a really serious subject and you need a lot of people to understand it, it could be better to approach it with a non-serious take.”

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The video comes amid an uproar over Romney’s undisclosed tax returns, a controversy stoked this week by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, who said a secret source told him that Romney didn’t pay any income taxes for a decade.

Romney Girl jokingly claims to be Reid’s secret source.

“We were out late one night, shearing sheep and blowing alphorns when I told Senator Reid about Romney’s tax returns,” Romney Girl says in a news release for the video. “Everyone knows that rich people do not pay taxes. I didn’t think he would get so mad about it and then go and tell everyone.”

Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus called Reid a “dirty liar” for claiming Romney paid no taxes and Romney told Reid to “put up or shut up” about his inside source.

Romney Girl, on the other hand, celebrates the GOP candidate “dodging taxes with ease.”

“He’s a boss, millionaire, with accounts everywhere, won’t disclose, all the dough, that he’s banking,” she sings. “He is rich, you are poor, if he wins, you’re uninsured.”

The Romney Girl ad is set to air in Denver and Raleigh next week. It might also air in Columbus, Ohio, and Philadelphia, Payne said.

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