Ann Romney's Big Speech Will Be 'Heartfelt'

TAMPA, Fla. - Bringing her trademark Welsh cakes to the back of the plane to hand out, Ann Romney took a moment to talk about the biggest speech of her life, which she'll deliver today at the Republican National Convention.

"I've never given a speech like this before," Romney said en route to Tampa for the event.

"We're having a great time, and I'm excited about it and the funniest thing of all … [Romney strategist] Stuart Stevens, who wears his shirts inside out, is advising me on which dress to wear."

On the speech itself, Romney said it was for the most part completed, though they have been tweaking it in the front of the plane.

"We are refining it up there," she said, pointing to the front of the cabin.

"You will see that my speech is heartfelt. A lot of you have been covering me long enough that you know I haven't gone off of a written text so this is a unique experience for me. No one has ever written a speech for me," Romney said.

In talking to advisers before the speech was written, Romney said she told them it would be difficult for them to capture everything she wanted to say.

"I did say it was going to be pretty tough to actually write a speech I could feel like I could actually do, so I've had a lot of input in this I must say," Romney said. "A lot of tweaking to get to where I felt like I was getting what I really wanted to say."

Romney practiced twice with a Teleprompter inside a New Hampshire high school auditorium in the past two days. She was asked what it was like using the Teleprompter.

"Interesting. I've never spoken with the Teleprompter. I don't like it. It's hard. We'll see how I do," she said, smiling. And when I asked Ann Romney the one thing she hoped people at home would be thinking about tonight as she delivered that speech, she said: "How important this election is going to be, and to consider the right things to make the right decisions."

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