Buckyballs Maker Appeals to Obama for Help

ABC News

The Consumer Product Safety Commission thinks they are so dangerous that the agency did something a few days ago that it hasn't done in 11 years. It sued the maker of the adult toy, Buckyballs, to have them removed from the market.

This morning Craig Zucker, the CEO and founder of Buckyballs, has taken out a full page ad in the Washington Post. It's an open letter to President Obama asking him to intervene.

"Dear President Obama, I know that you support small business and now I need your help to save ours from being shut down by the CPSC," Zucker wrote.

Staffers from a House committee holding an oversight hearing on the CPSC today say the rumor on the hill is Zucker may show up at this morning's hearing.

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Buckyballs are very tiny and very powerful. Young children sometimes think they are candy and try to eat them. Older children who want tongue piercings without actually getting their tongues pierced, place one on the top of the tongue and another on the bottom. But when they get loose, they can travel through the body tearing holes in the walls of the intestines, and ripping the lining of the stomach.

Buckyballs do carry very powerful warnings, but the CPSC says that is not enough. A group of doctors recently showed some members of Congress pictures of the damage they can do to bodies of young people. They strongly support the ban.

But Zucker says to the President, "It feels unfair, unjust and well, just un-American. We will Fight Back Vigorously. But we could sure use your help!"

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