Paul Ryan's Hosts at North Carolina Fundraiser

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For politicians, fundraising is just a fact of life. On Wednesday, Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan is expected to attend a fundraiser in Raleigh, N.C. Tickets for the event run anywhere from $2,500 to $25,000 and will take place at the home of John M. Kane, a local business owner. But the question is, how does a regular household prepare to have such a high-profile politician and hundreds of his supporters over for a quick campaign stop?

According to Kane, the answer is a lot of preparation, but not a lot of time.

Though it's a lot of work, Kane, the chairman and chief executive officer of Kane Realty Corp., a real estate and development firm in North Carolina, knows what he's doing when it comes to fundraising for politicians.

"We have done a lot of entertaining at our house," Kane told ABC News, "so my wife, Willa and I kind of know what to expect."

"Our house works well for these kinds of events, and a lot of people from around town know who we are," said Kane. Because of the Kanes' reputation as prime hosts, the Romney campaign contacted him about hosting the event.

"Romney's team knows that I have hosted successful fundraisers in the past, so his campaign called to ask me if I would do one for this ticket," Kane said. The couple happily agreed to host.

Kane, who was only given about a week's notice to prepare for the event, said he doesn't even use a party planner when hosting large-scale parties such as this.

Kane's relaxed manner likely comes from his years of experience hosting campaign fundraisers for political bigwigs. Among other political elite, President George W. Bush and his wife Laura have been guests on the lawn of the Kane residence.

"During President Bush's last year in office, I held a fundraiser for Pat McCrory, the Republican nominee for governor of North Carolina which the former president attended, and shortly after, I hosted another fundraiser for Sen. Elizabeth Dole and First Lady Laura Bush came to that."

When asked what kinds of preparations need to be made for these high profile parties, Kane said though they only found out about the event a few days ago, he and his wife know what they want.

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"We have done a lot of entertaining here so we know exactly what caterers to use and what kind of entertainment to hire." Kane said. "We have to correspond with the campaign to figure out exactly what kind of event we want and with Secret Service to figure out the right way to make this fundraiser as safe as possible."

The event will begin at 5:00 p.m. on Wednesday but Kane said it won't be a sit-down dinner. It will be a meet-the-candidate event. Paul Ryan will make a speech and some attendees will have a chance at a photo-op with him.

When asked by the campaign to host the event Kane said he was more than willing. "Our country needs a change from the top," Kane said, "And I am happy to host a fundraiser because I will do anything I can to help Romney get elected."

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