Hurricane Interlude, Inside the #Eastwooding Studio, Joe Biden-opoulos, Fact-Checking Romney (PM Note)

Good night, RNC. Here we come, DNC.

We look forward to the 'You Built It' LEGO sets -

…And we look forward to the Lincoln Chaffee's answer to Artur Davis…

In between - Romney visited hurricane damage today - Obama will go Monday -

Inside the Actor's Studio - For all the talk of how conventions are dinosaurs of a bygone era that used to mean so much more - Abraham Lincoln, Dan Kloeffler points out in this cool video, learned by telegram that he'd won the nomination, Clint Eastwood taught everyone a little something.

Amy Walter's pearl: "For those who say these conventions are just one long scripted infomercial, Eastwood proved they can still deliver some surprises."

Question - Which icon co-star did more, or less, for their candidate: Clint Eastwood talking to invisible Obama at the RNC or Morgan Freeman giving a $1 million to the Superpac backing Obama?

Did they talk politics and outsourcing when they were filming "Unforgiven," set in the U.S., in Canada?

#Eastwooding, rather, seems a bit more like Etch a Sketch - something over which the media briefly goes bonkers, but which, in the end, has a Twitter-lengh half-life. For now, its still a verb:

Yes, Eastwood will be made fun of on late night talk shows and on the Internet. And to the extent that something from the RNC filters to those inexplicably undecided voters that still exist, it will very likely be him.

But if you read Eastwood's speech it also makes the point about Obama that the Romney campaign so clearly wants to key in on: disappointment in Obama.

Will that message of disappointment pierce through? It's hard to tell.

The general confusion about Eastwood and how he got up on that stage with an empty chair persists - Here's how Greg Krieg and Emily Friedman put it:

When asked if the campaign was eyeing the clock as Eastwood's bit dragged on, Stevens replied: "That would be a true statement."

More Krieg / Friedman: The convention's final half hour ended up stretching well past its scheduled 11 p.m. ET conclusion. None of the networks cut away but, as one Democratic strategist asked, "You wonder if people just went to sleep?"

What's for sure is that reporters on Twitter seemed to be busier taking pictures of their empty chairs than looking at Romney's speech.

We did - Fact Check: Mitt Romney Speaks at RNC - Mitt Romney accepted the Republican nomination for president Thursday night in Tampa, Fla., and while most of the speech that followed focused on his personal story and a vague lament for the troubled U.S. economy, he also made some very specific claims about President Obama's record and his own plans, if elected 66 days from now. (Greg Krieg)

Obama: "I Meant What I Said" - If the election is going to be about Obama disappointment versus Obama accomplishments, his trip to Ft. Bliss today was an example of his challenge. The same record he said today was proof that he can be trusted at the helm for four more years is what the Romney campaign says people should be disappointed in.

The president was talking about the troops and the wars today - ""Two years ago I also told you that we'd keep up the fight in Afghanistan," he said. "I've got to tell you the truth. This is still a very tough fight…. Just as in Iraq, we are going to end this war responsibly."

Reports Devin Dwyer: "The message, coming on the heels of the Republican National Convention and exactly two years after the U.S. ended combat operations in Iraq, was as much an appeal to war-weary voters as it was to the troops he leads. Both constituencies are seen as key voting blocs by Obama's re-election campaign."

And the White House was happy to mention that Romney's address didn't mention the troops - (They didn't add that John McCain and Condoleezza Rice made sure the topic was covered at the convention)

All our favorite moments from the RNC are here:

A Teary-Eyed RNC -

What Are YOU Selling? - Ryan Says His Ticket Needs To Do More Than Say the President is 'No Good'-Paul Ryan was supposed to be rallying here with his running mate, but when Mitt Romney announced he was heading to Louisiana to visit parts of New Orleans hit hard by Hurricane Isaac, Ryan got a different wing man: House Majority Leader Eric Cantor. (Shushannah Walshe)

After a Week on Apparent Restriction, Joe Biden is Back on the Trail - Arlette Saenz is with him: Vice President Joe Biden slammed the Republican ticket on Friday, just one day after Mitt Romney officially accepted his party's nomination, saying that much of what they spoke about at the convention "wasn't on the level." (Arlette Saenz)

And he's got a new nickname: Joe Biden-opoulos, 'The Most Greek Irishman'- (Arlette Saenz)

Romney Says He'll Be Accountable For Campaign Promises-Mitt Romney knows he's made a lot of campaign promises, and now he's challenging American voters to hold him to his words. (Emily Friedman)

Ann Romney: 'Our Love' Is With Robin Roberts-Ann Romney this morning sent a message of love and support to my friend and co-host Robin Roberts, whose mother - Lucimarian Tolliver Roberts - passed away last night. This terrible loss came just hours after Robin began an extended medical leave in preparation for a bone marrow transplant. (George Stephanopoulos)

Persuadable Voters-One in four registered voters may be persuadable in the 2012 presidential election - rich pickings if either Barack Obama or newly minted GOP nominee Mitt Romney can win their support. But doing so may be a challenge, requiring both subtle and substantive political persuasion. (Gary Langer)

President Obama Visits Ft. Bliss to Highlight End of Iraq War-As his Republican rivals kick off the final stretch of their campaign, President Obama today will publicly remind voters of his record as commander-in-chief, traveling to a Texas military base to thank service members and commemorate a war he brought to an end. (Devin Dwyer)

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