Romney, Busy Fundraising, Wishes He Was on the Stump

Pausing to forage for snacks aboard a charter flight between fundraisers today, Mitt Romney said today he wished he was out campaigning, and blamed President Obama for having to spend so much time seeking cash.

"That's a challenge with a president who blew through the federal spending limits," Romney said when asked by a reporter about having to spend so much time fundraising.

"It means that campaigns now have to spend a disproportionate amount of time fundraising," Romney said. "You appreciate all the help you get, but you wish you could spend more time on the campaign trail."

Romney hasn't held a public campaign event since Tuesday, and his next one will be on Monday, meaning that Romney has focused nearly entirely on fundraising for five days.

Meanwhile, his running mate Rep. Paul Ryan has been busy on the stump, today holding a rally at the massive Florida retirement community The Villages.

Romney will spend today hopscotching between Martha's Vineyard, Hyannis and Nantucket to attend three separate fundraisers, all of which include multiple tiers, offering photo lines and receptions to supporters willing to pay the price.

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