Romney Pledges to Undo Health Law Effects on Medicare

COLUMBUS - Mitt Romney offered a reminder this morning that Paul Ryan joined his campaign, and not the other way around, when drilled on how his budget plan differs from the one proposed by his running mate. He also pledged to restore $716 billion in future Medicare spending that was to be cut from the program by the president's health reform law.

"Well first of all Congressman Ryan has joined my campaign and his campaign is my campaign now and we're on exactly the same page, and my campaign has made it very clear the president's cuts of $716 billion to Medicare, those cuts are going to be restored if I become president and Paul Ryan becomes vice president," said Romney, when asked how he squares with the fact that Ryan's budget called for the same cuts to Medicare as the President's does during an interview on CBS This Morning.

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Romney said that "of course" he is running on his own budget plan, and not Ryan's, adding, "I am the one running for president."

"We're very much in the same page. I said at the time his budget came out that I thought it was a serious and important effort to try and get America on track to have a balanced budget," said Romney, asked to point out some differences between his budget and Ryan's, a question he did not answer when asked three times earlier this week by reporters during a press conference.

"I get us to a balanced budget faster than the plan he originally put forward. My tax rate is 28 percent that's my highest, his is 25, I mean there are some differences but they are very similar," Romney said.

One place Romney seemed willing to divulge more details was when it comes to his fast friendship with Ryan, which has been described by some as a so-called "bromance."

"Well we enjoy sports we enjoy our families more than anything else Paul is certainly a person who is an accomplished hunter I wish I had his kind of skills we have a lot of time telling jokes as well, we've been on the bus together a couple of days, he and I both enjoy good humor and you know I wish I had as much dark hair and he has but he still has me beat in that context," said Romney, ticking off ways the two are similar.

And then, asked if he'd ditch his elliptical routine for the P90X workout that Ryan favors, Romney didn't rule it out.

"I have never tried that. I might have him show me how to do it someday," said Romney. "He's in pretty darn good shape."

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