Sunday Night Speech Prep for Mitt and Ann Romney

BOSTON - Practice makes perfect, so for Mitt and Ann Romney that meant spending a Sunday evening inside a local New Hampshire prep school practicing their convention speeches.

The Romneys spent about two hours this evening at a high school near their Wolfeboro lake house, accompanied by senior adviser Stuart Stevens.

Romney, wearing a white polo shirt and khakis, walked inside with Ann, who clutched her iPad and a stack of notepaper, and told reporters, "Gonna be a great convention."

When Romney emerged hours later, his hand on the small of Ann's back, reporters shouted, "How's the speech?"

"She's great," said Romney, pointing to Ann and giving a thumbs up.

When pressed if that means his own speech isn't doing as well, Romney laughed.

"I just compliment my wife's," he said.

Ann Romney is slated to speak on Tuesday night and Romney's speech will be on Thursday.

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