The Tinkerbell Tax Plan, Capitol Hill Punting Season, Co-Ed Olympic Sports (PM Note)

Capitol Hill Punting Season - Despite Drought, Congress Stalls on Assistance - Despite Threat of 'Cyber 9/11-, Senators Punt Cyber Security Bill-

And now they're off for the summer.

Coffee Case: Fehrnstrom says Messina apparently broke the law during health debate -

Solyndra Report: Obama Admin. Restructured Loan Because of PR Concerns 'Meltdown' Would 'Embarrass' Obama Admin, Per Email

Point - "Solyndra should serve as a cautionary tale on how political pressures and an administration's desire to create political events to highlight its policies can result in poor decision-making." - House Report

Counterpoint - "This is month 18 of this Congressional investigation and everything disclosed in the 215,000 pages of documents, 14 committee staff briefings, five Congressional hearings, 72,000 pages from Solyndra investors… affirms what we said on day one: this was a merit-based decision made by the Department of Energy." - White House spokesman Eric Schultz.

More Here -

Quiz! What's A Co-Ed Olympic Sport? Ann Romney's Dressage - There's a particular aspect to the sport, dubbed by Stephen Colbert in his deadpan parody as both "frou frou" and the "sport of the summer," that has been overlooked. It's coed. Dressage - and all the equestrian events, along with sailing - are the only co-ed sports at the games. Sure, there are mixed doubles events in badminton and tennis, but those are not exactly co-ed. They require a male and a female on each team. In the equestrian events a man can compete, mano a mano (plus two horses) against a woman.

More on Rafalca's Olympic Debut Today -

Tinkerbell Tax Plan? - Obama invokes Peter Pan in assault on Romney's tax plan - "They have tried to sell us this trickle down, tax cut 'fairy dust' before. And guess what? It didn't work then, it will not work now. It's not a plan to create jobs, it's not a plan to reduce the deficit. It is not a plan to build the middle class. It is not a plan to move the economy forward. it takes us back to a place we do not need to be. We do not need tax cuts for folks who have done very very well…." (Dwyer)

Mitt Romney was back on the campaign trail today for the first time since returning to the U.S.

Rick Gorka was gone… Kevin Madden was there - Beth Myers, head of Romney's VP search, was there too - And so were members of the Veep Squad -

And there was a new talking point - Romney promised to 'bury the hatchet' and work with Democrats. Just like he did in Massachusetts, he said. (He didn't mention that he buried the hatchet in Massachusetts right into a health care reform law.)

Don't Look a Pommel Horse in the Mouth - Romney Backs Olympian Tax Break - Romney isn't sure he agrees with Rubio on the children of illegal immigrants, he's totally onboard with Rubio about giving Olympians a tax break - The Lochte Loophole? The Phelps Protection?

Politicians Support Their Home State Olympic Heroes-Ohio politicians can barely contain their excitement tweeting about how Ohio native Kayla Harrison made Olympic history today, winning the first gold medal for an American judo athlete. Harrison, 22, who is originally from Middletown, Ohio, beat crowd favorite Gemma Gibbons of Great Britain, receiving congratulations and praises from her hometown politicians through social media. (Jilian Fama)

Boehner on Election: 'Democrats are Scared'- Maybe it was because he was fielding questions from the 'alligators' for the last time in five weeks. Or maybe it was because he was proud one of his constituents had just won the first Olympic gold medal in judo for Team U.S.A. (John Parkinson)

'Boring White Guy' Portman Content with One Beer at a Time -

Buckyballs Maker Appeals to Obama for Help-The Consumer Product Safety Commission thinks they are so dangerous that the agency did something a few days ago that it hasn't done in 11 years. It sued the maker of the adult toy, Buckyballs, to have them removed from the market. (Tome Shine)

GOP Hits Obama on Lobbyist Meetings at 'Caribou'-In an election-year effort to cast President Obama as a "typical politician," Republicans are highlighting the administration's alleged hypocrisy on transparency in holding meetings with lobbyists off White House grounds in order to keep them secret. (Devin Dwyer)

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