What Bracketing Dreams Are Made of

Al Behrman/AP Images

PUEBLO, Colo. - It happened at the corner of Frontage Road and Bonforte. As the Romney campaign bus, full of Colorado Republicans and vice presidential short-lister Sen. Rob Portman, R-Ohio, rolled towards its fifth and final stop of the day, there it was.

What at first appeared to be a blocked street soon revealed itself to be something far more exciting: It was, perhaps politically providentially, the president's very own motorcade.

"So we pulled this big, beautiful bus right up along the road next to where President Obama was coming in just so we could have a proper welcoming for [him] to Pueblo!" Portman told a revved up crowd of around 150 Republican volunteers.

Portman, who revealed more details after the event, was delighted.

"They asked me to come to Colorado to bracket the president, and I thought that just meant doing events around the state where you speak, you know, after the president speaks or before or in the same media market. But it turns out it was a physical bracket today," Portman told ABC News.

When asked if he got out of the bus to wave as the motorcade went by, Portman emphasized he minded his manners.

"I was respectful. I stayed in the bus as he went by and just waved," Portman said

It is unlikely the president could have missed the bus, itself - but is it possible Obama might have spotted Portman?

"I don't think so," Portman said. "But I saw him, though. It looked like he was pretty deep in conversation."

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