Dems Hope to Win House Control With Ryan's Help

The selection of Rep. Paul Ryan as Mitt Romney's Republican running mate will have a positive affect on Congressional races - for the Democrats.

That's the claim made today by Rep. Steve Israel, the chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

Israel, who is from New York, said Ryan's selection for the GOP ticket highlights Ryan's controversial budget plan and will make it easier for the Democrats to regain control of the House.

"We go into the final stretch with a breeze at our backs," Israel said. "We have work to do but the momentum has shifted on our behalf."

"Paul Ryan has become a down ballot disaster around the country" for Republicans, Israel said.

A common argument for the Democrats in House races from coast to coast has been a focus on the Ryan budget, particularly with regard to his proposals on Medicare. Democratic challengers and Democratic incumbents have been attacking their Republican opponents for their support of Ryan's plan which Democrats say "would end Medicare as we know it."

Israel said that although Democrats have been making this argument, it was bolstered when Romney "grabbed the microphone" from Democrats and chose Ryan as his running mate.

"He gave us the debate we wanted," said Israel.

The National Republican Congressional Committee, the Republican counterpart to the DCCC, dismissed Israel's statements.

"The only down-ballot disaster in House races is ObamaCare and its $716 billion in Medicare cuts for current seniors. It cost Democrats the House in 2010 and will cost them more seats in 2012." said Paul Lindsay, communications director for the NRCC.

The DCCC has a list of 50 "red to blue" races, which is a list of targeted races where the party is working to pick up seats from Republicans. The Democrats have been arguing that they have a good shot of netting the 25 seats necessary to reclaim the majority.

Israel said that the DCCC has reserved $61 million in ad buys for the fall. The National Republican Congressional Committee, the DCCC's Republican counterpart, has reserved $43 million, he said.

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