Hatch's Foe Cites His Age, Seeks Medical Records

Senator Orrin Hatch's Democratic opponent in his Senate race appears to have found a new messaging plan: focus on Hatch's age.

On Sunday, Democrat Scott Howell, a Utah state senator, sent out a fundraising letter saying that Hatch "could die before his term was through." Now, Howell is taking things a step further and calling on Hatch to release five years of medical records.

"I propose that Orrin Hatch and I both release five years worth of medical records to show voters that we will hopefully both be around at least until Nov. 6," Howell said in a statement.

Howell's request came in response to criticism from another senior Republican figure in Utah, former senator Bob Bennett. In an interview with the Salt Lake City Tribune, Bennett, 79, said "Scott Howell may die before his term is up…Who knows."

Hatch, 78, is the state's senior senator, and he's served in the Senate since 1977. Howell is 58. ABC News currently rates his race as solidly Republican.

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