Obama Honors WNBA Champion Lynx: 'One Heck Of A Turnaround'

President Obama welcomed the WNBA champion Minnesota Lynx to the White House today, celebrating their amazing comeback and lauding them as role models to young women everywhere.

Two years ago, the Lynx had the worst record in the WNBA. "But they didn't let it get them down - they got to work," Obama said. After drafting some new star players, the team went on to defeat the Atlanta Dream to win the championship.

"By the end of the season… The team had the best record in the league. They made their home games the hottest ticket in town. Then, just in case anyone doubted their dominance, they marched through the playoffs, losing only one game and sweeping their final two series. That is one heck of a turnaround," Obama told the crowd gathered in the East Room of the White House.

The president praised the players' contributions to their local community and philanthropy, including raising money for breast cancer research through their "Cat Walk For A Cure" fashion show.

"So this team does it all and they do it in style," Obama quipped.

As the "husband of a tall, good-looking woman and as the father of two tall, fabulous girls," the president thanked the women for being "wonderful" role models.

"We know for a fact that when girls are involved in athletics, they do better across the board. They're more confident. They do better in school. They have less social problems," Obama said. "But what's also true is that our women athletes just present themselves so well and are such great ambassadors for the game. And as I was pointing out, you don't see them on Sports Center doing stupid stuff. They play the game the right way. They compete fiercely, but they're good - great sportswomen."

The team is in the running to keep their championship title. As the president noted, with three games to go, the Lynx have the best record in the league.

"I have a feeling that we might end up seeing them back here before too long," Obama said.

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