Paul Ryan Says It's the President Speaking to People 'As If They are Victims'

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WASHINGTON, DC-In the leaked video that has made headlines all week Mitt Romney calls Obama supporters "victims," but his running mate says it's actually the president that is speaking to people "as if they are victims."

"And a sad chapter in all of this the president seems to be going around the country speaking to people as if they are victims of circumstances outside of their control, as if they're stuck in some station in life or fixed in some class. Whatever you call that, that's not America, that's not the American idea," Ryan said at a fundraiser at the famed Mayflower Hotel Thursday evening.

The videos released over the last few days have dominated the news cycle and show Mitt Romney at a $50,000-per-person Boca Raton, Fla., fundraiser chastising the president's supporters as people who pay no income taxes and see themselves as "victims" dependent on government.

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The vice presidential nominee, who returned to vote in the House earlier in the day, also commented on polls that have shown his ticket down in recent days.

"Polls are going to go this way and that way, pundits are going to go this way and that way, noise is going to be this," he said, gesturing upward with his hand. "But at the end of the day if we do our jobs right, and we will, the country will have a really clear choice."

Battleground state polls show Romney and Ryan down against the president, but national polls have Romney and Obama tied. Thursday's Gallup tracking poll had the two tickets tied with 47 percent each.

Ryan continued, describing the type of victory the GOP ticket wants in order to have the "moral authority" and "mandate" to lead.

"That's what we owe you because we want to earn this victory," Ryan said. "We want to deserve this victory. Because doing it that way, having an acclaiming victory, means we can fix this mess, means we can come in with the moral authority and the mandate to do what's right and necessary, right away, to get growth, to get jobs, to prevent and preempt a debt crisis, to get America back on the right path, to be the port in the storm of the global economy, to be a confident country, to be a hopeful country, to be a country that has peace through strength, to be a country that does not project weakness abroad but a country that is proud to project strength, which keeps us safer, which keeps us more prosperous. Because it's a country that reclaims and reapplies and reaffirms those core founding principles: liberty, freedom, free enterprise, government by consent of the governed, self-determination."

About 225 donors paid between $1,000 and $10,000 to attend the event in the hotel's Grand Ballroom. Those paying $10,000 were part of roundtable policy discussions with Ryan. Many were Washington DC lobbyists there to discuss the various topics, which included energy, education, and manufacturing.

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