Ryan Laments Lack of Asparagus Donuts

Mary Altaffer/AP Photo

SEATTLE - Paul Ryan is a fitness buff who's a fan of the rigorous P90X work out regime and he tries to eat healthy even on the campaign trail, but on his plane today he indulged in a rare treat: a doughnut.

Before taking off from Portland, Ore., to travel here for fundraisers, he had a blueberry doughnut from that city's famous Voodoo Doughnuts, thanks to two reporters who treated the plane to the renowned pastries decorated with everything from Cap'n Crunch cereal to M & M candies. He said he didn't know the last time he had a doughnut, but noted his flavor was the "healthiest" he found.

"This is the healthiest one I could find. It's got blueberries or at least it looks like it does," Ryan said.

The GOP vice presidential candidate said he doesn't "hate sweets," he just doesn't "love them."

But, one thing he does love? Asparagus.

He's already mentioned on the trail his love of the vegetable, but when a reporter noted maybe that should have been on the menu instead of the doughnuts, he said: "I like asparagus. They don't make asparagus donuts though. Apple fritters though. I've had an apple fritter."

The brief chat quickly turned to a more serious topic and a reporter asked the candidate about the teacher's strike in Chicago. Less than an hour before he had told a group of donors in Portland that despite their differing political views when it comes to the strike, "We stand with Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel."

The House Budget chairman apparently didn't want to repeat those comments when he had five cameras turned on him. He instead explained that he had already mentioned it to the reporters in the event off-camera. Another reporter pointed out that those comments were not on camera.

"He's got it, ask him," Ryan said pointing to the one reporter in the event before taking the rest of his blueberry doughnut to the front of the plane.

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