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Below are some of the notable comments made Sunday on "This Week with George Stephanopoulos." Guests included Republican vice presidential nominee Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis. ; Newark Mayor Cory Booker, co-chair of the Democratic platform committee; Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., author of the new book "Government Bullies"; ABC News' George Will; ABC News' Cokie Roberts; and Nobel Prize-winning New York Times columnist Paul Krugman.

Rep. Paul Ryan

Thoughts on the latest jobs report and the economy

RYAN: Look at the jobs numbers we just got on Friday. It's President Obama's failed leadership and flawed policies that are why we have such stagnant recovery.

RYAN: What we don't want is a secret plan. What we don't want to do is cut some backroom deal like ObamaCare and then hatchet (ph) to the country.

Responding to Obama's 'new to foreign policy' comments

RYAN: Those kinds of comments are things that are said when you don't really have a good record to run on, when you're offering nothing but four more years of the same.

RYAN: I would beg to differ that his record's not very good with respect to Iran. But to your Afghanistan question, we've always said that we agree with the 2014 deadline.

Regarding economic growth

RYAN: The problem is not that we need to take more money from the hard-working taxpayers of America, from families and small businesses and spend it in Washington. That doesn't work. The problem is we have to get our spending under control.

RYAN: With the right kind of economic growth policies, with the right kind of tax reform, we will get people going from an unemployment line to working and paying taxes.

Powerhouse Roundtable

Latest on the jobs report

WILL: These are depression level numbers. And if the Republican Party cannot win in this environment, it has to get out of politics and find another business.


KRUGMAN: Right now, Mitt Romney has an ad blitz accusing Obama of cutting defense spending, which is actually not really true, but then he says the reason this is terrible is because it will eliminate jobs. So the Romney campaign's position is government spending can't create jobs unless it goes to defense contractors in which case it's the lifeblood of the economy…

PAUL: And that's an inconsistency. That's an inconsistency.

KRUGMAN: It's pretty major.

PAUL: And it's wrong. They are accepting Keynes with regard to military spending…

KRUGMAN: Weaponized Keynesianism.

PAUL: … but not with regard to domestic spending.


WILL: There is uncertainty surrounding the Romney/Ryan tax cut plan, because they have not specified the deductions that will be closed. And we know where the big money is. You either hit only the rich, in which case you don't get much money, or you hit the middle class.

BOOKER: This is Paul Ryan who used to be a man of substance, who put up plans, I may disagree with some of them, but with great levels of specificity.

KRUGMAN: I'm going to disagree, respectfully, he was never a man of substance. This is who he always was. That was always an illusion.

As for foreign aid…

PAUL: I'm going to ask that there be no more aid sent to - foreign aid sent to Pakistan until he's released. This doctor helped us to get bin Laden. And this is important that he be released, and we shouldn't be spending good money after bad to Pakistan.

Post-convention analysis

PAUL: As far as inclusive, the one group, like the people who believe in god, had a little bit of trouble at the convention. I thought - they said images are worth a thousand words, but when the images of people booing god, I mean, that's a tough image to overcome.

BOOKER: This was one phrase that got left out by error of omission.

ROBERTS: I think this Democratic Convention was really over the top in terms of abortion. Every single speaker talked about abortion. And you know at some point you start to alienate people.

WILL: Some people are going to know, Dover, some are going to know Montpelier, everyone except the American State Department will knows that the capital of Israel is Jerusalem.

ROBERTS: I believe that the Republicans have made a mistake with immigration, and now with voting rights, that will last for a generation with Hispanics, at least.

KRUGMAN: Republican candidates had to appeal to their base, which is by and large elderly white people arguing with empty chairs. And they could not - they could not reach out to the growing demographic-

Should conventions stick around?

WILL: Conventions are a government program, and there is an enormous amount of tax dollars that goes into this. And like all government programs, they are immortal and they go on forever. Maybe we should terminate these.

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