Obama Says Debate Prep Is 'Going Great'

WILLIAMSBURG, Va. - President Obama took a break from debate prep this afternoon to make a surprise visit to his campaign office in Williamsburg.

"Hello everybody, hello!" the president said, according to pool reports, as he walked in the door with pizzas in hand. "I brought some food."

After making his way around the room, the president got to work, placing phone calls.

"I'm going to do my work. Everybody's so serious," he joked of his staff.

The president called volunteer Griselda Bayton, who has been working for his campaign.

"I wanted to call and say thank you," he said.

Next, he called Ellen Hawkins, who seemed a bit shocked when she picked up the phone.

"Is this Ellen?" Obama asked. "Ellen this is Barack Obama. It is. Really, truly."

Asked by a reporter how debate prep is going, the president replied simply, "It is going great!"

Obama then headed outside to work the ropeline, shaking hands and offering up hugs, before returning to debate camp at the Kingsmill resort.

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