PM Note: White Men and 2012, Wind Sprints, Scott Brown on Why Majorities Don't Matter, Mourdock's Abortion Clarification, Trump's Dud

Wind Sprints - Tues - Thurs. - Obama - 11 stops, 1 late night TV show and 1 network news interview. Romney - 6 stops, 1 concert with Kid Rock at Red Rocks

Larger Map -

Forget Women (for Just a Sec) - White Men are on the Move - Gary Langer on today's ABC News / Washington Post Daily Tracking Poll: "The candidates remain essentially tied, with 49 percent of likely voters for Romney, 48 percent for Obama in this poll, produced for ABC by Langer Research Associates. That includes vast and sharpening gaps among some groups, with highs for both candidates among core supporters.

"And it's men, compared to four years ago, who are making it close. Obama beat John McCain among women in 2008 by 13 points, similar to his margin over Romney today. But McCain only tied Obama among men, a far cry from Romney's large advantage in this group now.

Full tracking poll results -

Elementary School Smooch Photo Bombs Obama - Caption Contest- (look at the little boy and girl in the back row above the president) (Jilian Fama)

Must-Read - Grading the Ground Game - Atlantic's Molly Ball Drops in on Field Offices -

Richard Mourdock's Abortion Answer - Greg Krieg reports: This morning, Mourdock tried to put his comment into a less stark context.

"God creates life, and that was my point," he said in a press release. "God does not want rape, and by no means was I suggesting that he does. Rape is a horrible thing, and for anyone to twist my words otherwise is absurd and sick."

At a news conference later he said that his words were "mistook and twisted," and that the uproar is symptomatic of "what's wrong with Washington."

"I believe God controls the universe," Mourdoch told reporters, who asked if he thought pregnancies resulting from rape were God's plan. "I don't believe biology works in an uncontrolled fashion."

The clarification has led more Republicans to distance themselves from Mourdock.

Romney Hasn't Asked Mourdock to Pull Ad After Rape Comments-Mitt Romney's campaign has not asked Indiana Senate candidate Richard Mourdock to remove an ad featuring the presidential candidate after Mourdock suggested that children conceived during rape were "intended" by God. (Emily Friedman)

TIME Poll Suggests Obama Edge in Ohio - A two-pronged affair - From their report: "The poll makes clear that there are really two races underway in Ohio. On one hand, the two candidates are locked in a dead heat among Ohioans who have not yet voted but who say they intend to, with 45% of respondents supporting the President and 45% preferring his Republican challenger. But Obama has clearly received a boost from Ohio's early voting period, which began on Oct. 2 and runs through November 5. Among respondents who say they have already voted, Obama holds a two-to-one lead over Romney, 60% to 30%. When those two groups are combined, the TIME poll reveals, Obama leads by five points overall in Ohio."

"Since this is off the record, I will just be very blunt…" Go ooon! - Facing a barrage of criticism from Republicans and the press, the Obama campaign Wednesday released a transcript of an "off-the-record" interview between President Obama and the Des Moines Register editorial board.

Obama: "Should I win a second term, a big reason I will win a second term is because the Republican nominee and the Republican Party have so alienated the fastest-growing demographic group in the country, the Latino community."

Scott Brown - Senate Majority 'Doesn't Really Matter' - Watch his dockside interview with Jon Karl - Brown: "For me, it doesn't really matter who's in charge," Brown told ABC News. " You still need 60 votes." Brown says he is so "disgusted" with hyper partisanship on both sides that he has warned Republican Senate leader Mitch McConnell that he may not have his vote for Majority Leader in the next Congress. "I'm tired of the gridlock. It just makes me just so disgusted," he says.

Ethics Accusations Against David Rivera -

Rep. Jim Moran's Son Resigns From Campaign After Unflattering Video - - Field director for dad was convinced by undercover conservative to say how to commit voter fraud -

Colorado Crackdown - Finds 300 Potential Non-Citizen Voters - Colorado Secretary of State Scott Gessler says he has identified 300 more suspected noncitizens on the state's voter rolls, according to a report late Tuesday. Colorado is one battleground state (the other being Florida) where efforts to purge noncitizen voters - not voter ID laws - have spurred talk of potential disenfranchisement ahead of the 2012 election.

Tuesday's Sticks and Stones -

Biden in Ohio Calls Romney 'One Quackin' Duck' - Biden also said he was in Iowa when he was in Ohio. Whoops. Romney Says Obama Campaign 'Diminished by Debates' - Plouffe's Spin on Romney Momentum? He Calls it a 'Bluff' - (Bruce)

GOP Seizes on New Benghazi Email - Clinton Responds - From Parkinson / Miller / Hughes - "After the White House and State Department downplayed the significance of email alerts sent to national security officials in real-time during the assault on a U.S. consulate in Benghazi last month, top Congressional Republicans are pouncing on the email alerts, one of which suggested a known terrorist group claimed credit for the attack in its immediate aftermath.

"But Secretary of State Hillary Clinton today disputed any notion that the email alerts should be viewed as conclusive evidence.

"Posting something on Facebook is not in and of itself evidence," Clinton told reporters. "I think it just underscores how fluid the reporting was at the time and continued for some time to be." Clinton reiterated that the department's internal investigation is ongoing and is examining all the evidence, "not cherry picking…one story here or looking at one document there," which she called the "appropriate approach" before drawing any conclusions about the attack.

Sarah Palin Said Obama Did 'Shuck and Jive' on Libya - Greg Krieg's report, which includes a choice quote from Nicole Wallace - "She never ceases to amaze. It's entirely possible that she was ignorant about the racial implications of her comments, but at this point, I'm not sure what's more incredible - her ignorance or her eagerness to offend." -

Gun Raffle Challenged in Vote Campaign-A Georgia hunting store is hoping a gun raffle promotion will encourage people to cast their ballots on election day. (Alyssa Newcomb)

Donald Trump Fails to Drop Bombshell, Offers Cash for Obama Records-Donald Trump today pledged $5 million to a charity of President Obama's choice, provided the president makes public his college applications and transcripts and releases his passport history, a far cry from the October-surprise bombshell Trump had promised. (Russell Goldman)

Obama Kicks Off 48-Hour 'Marathon Extravaganza'-President Obama kicked off a two-day campaign sprint through eight battleground states starting with Iowa, the state where his historic first bid for the presidency began. (Devin Dwyer)

'Republican at Heart' Votes For Obama-Pop sensation Kelly Clarkson claims to be a "Republican at heart" but is planning to vote for a Democrat this election. The 30-year-old Texas native told the Daily Star that she is probably going to vote for Obama again. (Jilian Fama)

Michelle Obama Appears in First 2012 TV Ad- First Lady Michelle Obama is appearing in her first TV ad of the 2012 election cycle, making a late campaign appeal to women and Latino voters on behalf of her husband in five key states. (Devin Dwyer)

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