Will VPs Go For the Zingers in Tonight's Debate?

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images | Carolyn Kaster/AP Photo

I received hundreds of questions about tonight's debate. Usually vice presidential debates don't make a big difference in the race, but this one could be the exception.

Clearly the stakes are high as Vice President Joe Biden and Rep. Paul Ryan take the stage in Kentucky.

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Pat Bernado asked "Will I see a 'You're no Jack Kennedy' this time again, George?"

And Arthur Logan tweeted to ask "Does the FLOTUS get a turn to co-host?" referring to Ann Romney's guest appearance on GMA yesterday.

For the answers to both of those questions, including what Biden and Ryan need to do to win, take a look here:

Diane Sawyer and I hope to see you at 9pm tonight for our debate coverage, and tune into "This Week" on Sunday.

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