PM Note: Audio of Romney's Parting Gift, 30 Percent (And Growing) Chance of Breaching Fiscal Cliff, Lines at the Lou in the Senate

Exclusive Audio - Our look at everything Romney said to donors about his loss.

On 2016 - Add Dental to Obamacare: "In order to get Hispanic voters, what the president did we would be very reluctant to do, which is one, provide amnesty for those that are here illegally, and number two put in place Obamacare which basically is ten thousand dollars a family. It's a proven political strategy, which is give a bunch of money to a group and, guess what, they'll vote for you. What I would do if I were a Democrat running four years from now, I'd say, you know what, dental care will be included in Obamcare…and Republicans will say, no, that's going to cost a trillion dollars, and the Democrats will say, that's fine, you know, we'll pay it. So this is a challenge we've got on how to deal with this is a real issue."

White House Says Romney View of Loss 'At Odds With Truth' -

We're still waiting to hear what Bill Clinton has to say about his phone conversation with Mitt Romney.

Obama, meanwhile, was visiting Sandy-ravaged New York. On his first trip to New York City after superstorm Sandy walloped the Northeast, President Obama met with the parents of the two young boys - Brandon and Connor Moore - who died after being swept out to sea. "I had the opportunity to give some hugs and communicate thoughts and prayers to the Moore family," Obama said of Damien and Glenda Moore. "They lost two young sons during the course of this tragedy. And obviously, I expressed to them, as a father, as a parent, my heartbreak over what they went through. And they're still obviously a little shell-shocked." Obama said the resiliency and generosity of the Moores, who had lavished praise on New York police lieutenant Kevin Gallagher for supporting them through their grief, was an example of the "spirit and sense of togetherness and looking out for one another, that's what's going to carry us through this tragedy." "I'm very proud of you, New York, you guys are tough," he added.

George: 30 Percent Chance (and Growing!) U.S. Hurtles Over Fiscal Cliff - Will Republicans Abandon Norquist No-New-Taxes Pledge? - Stephanopoulos takes viewer questions: "You can see a lot of the Republican leadership moving away from that pledge… I think a lot of Republicans know they're going to have to be open to some revenues to get a deal now that President Obama has won."

Also… George watched that Obama presser and came away with this:

"I think the chances of coming to Jan. 1st without a deal are actually rising every day. Above 30 percent right now. Now once that deadline gets close if the stock market continues to fall that could put pressure on both sides for some kind of creative compromise. It is not there yet."

Petraeus: 'I Really Screwed Up' - That's what he told at least one close friend, according to Martha Raddatz. The CIA, meanwhile, has opened an inquiry into his conduct.

He'll testify about Benghazi Friday morning before the House and Senate Intel committees -

Shirtless FBI Guy - Less nefarious than your imagination let you believe - It appears the agent noticed a pretty remarkable similarity between himself and target dummies -

McCain Misses Classified Briefing While Blasting White House Over Benghazi -

Progress! There's Literally a Line for Women's Restroom in the Senate -

Denny's Pancakes With a Side of Obamacare Tax? Not Yet -

Senators Reject Obamacare Exchanges - On Thursday, South Carolina governor and rising Republican star Nikki Haley sent a letter to the Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius saying that South Carolina "should not and will not set up a state-based health care exchange." Several other Republican governors, including Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, a GOP leader who is frequently cited as a potential candidate in 2016, and Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley announced that their states would also not set up an exchange. "I am not going to set up a state-based exchange that will create a tax burden of up to $50 million on the people of Alabama," Bentley said Tuesday. Other states where the governors have made similar declarations include Kansas and Alaska. In Missouri, the Democratic governor announced on Thursday that the state would not set up an exchange either, but that announcement resulted from a ballot measure that forbade the governor from moving forward with an exchange without the approval of the state's legislature, and Republicans control Missouri's state legislature. (Hartfield)

Oddities from 2012 - Zero votes for Romney in some precincts, Maine Republican cites black people voting in his state -

Interior Secretary Ken Salazar Apologizes for Threatening to 'Punch Out' Reporter -

Majority of Americans Optimistic About Economic Recovery in Second Obama Term, Poll Finds -

Sen. Daniel Inouye Taken to Hospital with Minor Injury After a Fall -

Troops and Families from "The Outpost" Weigh In on Generals' Scandals -

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