PM Note: The Fiscal Cliff as the Movie 'Speed', Measuring $1.6 Trillion in Powerballs, #My2k, Chambliss Faces Challenger

The Dos and Don'ts of Office Powerball Pools - featuring a template contract by Elizabeth Hartfield -

Fiscal Cliff in Powerballs - 1,600,000,000,000 / 550,000,000 = 2909.09 So the Fiscal Cliff Negotiators are looking for 2909 Powerballs between now and Jan. 1. Or 4,324 Powerballs after taxes (at current rates).

Here's a start - The U.S. govt. could save $146 million per year if it got rid of dollar bills -

Chances of a Deal by Dec. 31? Erskine Bowles Says 1 in 3 -

Imagine the federal government is a city bus… Analogy of the Day - The Fiscal Cliff as the Movie 'Speed' - Creative writing by Chris Good - Driving the federal government is like driving a city bus, which, according to Sandra Bullock's character, is like driving a really big Pinto: The steering is unwieldy, and sometimes a timing mechanism will make it explode if it goes under 55 mph and no compromise is reached by Dec. 31. John Boehner (Keanu Reeves) and President Obama (Sandra Bullock) must now work together to avert disaster in this epic thrill ride through Washington, D.C.!

Fiscal Cliff Negotiations to Resume Thursday on Capitol Hill - Tim Geithner will call at the offices of the House and Senate party leaders -

Obama, Meanwhile Will be Meeting With Romney At White House -Guess who's coming to lunch. President Obama will meet privately with former Republican rival Mitt Romney at the White House Thursday, their first meeting since the election, the White House announced Tuesday. (Mary Bruce)

Archive VIDEO - Previous awkward post-election Al Gore and George W. Bush - More Archive Video - Billy Graham Invokes GHWB During Bill Clinton Invocation -

Rep. Tom Cole is a House Republican Who'd Eat the Top 2 Percent - But he's pretty much alone right now -

Grover Norquist: GOP Must Keep 'Fingerprints' Off Tax Deal- "A handful of people [are] having impure thoughts," Norquist said of cluster of Republicans, most notably Sens. Saxby Chambless, Bob Corker, and Lindsey Graham, who have signaled openness to a fiscal-cliff deal that would raise tax revenue and violate "The Pledge." It's "the same six guys saying the same things" they've said before, Norquist told interviewer Mike Allen of Politico, specifically calling out Graham, who has previously said he'd support a deal including a 10-to-one ratio of spending cuts to tax hikes. "And they never raised taxes," Norquist said. "I don't want to be too rough on a Saxby Chambliss-he's never voted to raise taxes, he just talked about maybe someday." (Chris Good)

Obama Defends Susan Rice Against GOP Criticism-President Obama today defended United Nations Ambassador Susan Riceagainst criticism from Senate Republicans, saying she is "extraordinary." (Mary Bruce)

Susan Rice Gains Little Ground on Day 2 With Skeptical Senators-Day two of Susan Rice's charm offensive on Capitol Hill brought little support for the U.N. ambassador to become the next secretary of state if nominated by President Obama. (Sunlen Miller)

The House Turns to Immigration Reform - GOP bills don't go far enough for Democrats -

Boehner and Pelosi Agree on One Thing - Fiscal Deal ASAP-In dueling media availabilities across the Capitol this morning, House Speaker John Boehner and Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi both reached the same conclusion when confronted with questions about the consequence of failing to strike a deal in the next 34 days to avert the fiscal cliff. Failure is not an option. (John Parkinson and Arlette Saenz)

Obama Launches #My2K Fiscal Cliff Campaign-Kicking off a public relations campaign including a Twitter assault on Congress to build support for his plan to avert the looming " fiscal cliff," President Obama today said he is doing his part and urged Americans to pressure lawmakers to do theirs. (Mary Bruce and Devin Dwyer)

Sen. Saxby Chambliss May Face Conservative Challenge-Republican Sen. Saxby Chambliss of Georgia has been blunt in his thoughts on the so-called Norquist pledge, an agreement not to raise taxes, period. Chambliss has said he's willing to violate that pledge to avoid the fiscal cliff. (Elizabeth Hartfield)

Ann Romney Spotted at 'Dancing With the Stars'-A few months back, Ann Romney's love for horses and the competitive equestrian sport of dressage was all she may have had time for. But now that the presidential campaign is over, the wife of GOP Presidential nominee Mitt Romney, has more time to enjoy other interests. One perhaps a little more well known but with at least a little something in common with the sport of "horse ballet." (Jilian Fama)

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