Romney Campaign Argues 'Voter Intensity,' Ground Game Will Drive Them to Victory

Supporters cheer, wave American flags and signs as Republican presidential candidate, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, lower left, speaks during a campaign event at The Square at Union Centre, Friday, Nov. 2, 2012, in West Chester, Ohio. (David Goldman/AP Photo)

With three days to go until the election, the Romney campaign is arguing enthusiasm among Republican voters and the Romney ground game will lead them to victory on Election Day.

When asked about Ohio, Romney campaign political director Rich Beeson argued Romney's strength among independent voters will help Romney win Ohio despite public polling that shows President Obama holding onto a slim, but stubborn lead in the Buckeye State.

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Beeson said in recent weeks the Romney campaign has been knocking on more doors per week in Ohio than John McCain's team did during their entire campaign. Beeson also cited the campaigns own internal polling showing greater 'voter intensity,' among Republican voters, particularly in Ohio, than there is among Democrats.

The Romney campaign argues the move to spend money and time in Pennsylvania in the waning days of the campaign is based on momentum in that state and is not a last-minute effort to expand the map.

As part of his battleground blitz, Mitt Romney will campaign in Pennsylvania Sunday in Bucks County where he hopes to capitalize on support within the working class suburbs surrounding Philadelphia. The campaign tells me they're seeing the same numbers among independent voters in Pennsylvania as they're seeing in Ohio. Beeson argues voters in Pennsylvania see Romney as a moderate who was Governor of Massachusetts and that his message about jobs and the economy is resonating in a state that has shown President Obama's lead tighten ever since that first debate in Denver.

With public polling showing President Obama with a slight edge in several key battleground including the Obama camp's Midwestern firewall of Ohio, Wisconsin and Iowa, expect the Romney campaign to continue to argue their gains in early voting from 4 years ago combined with GOP enthusiasm will allow them to break through that firewall on Tuesday.

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