The Note's Must-Reads for Thursday, November 8, 2012

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Compiled by ABC News' Jayce Henderson and Ben Waldron

PRESIDENT OBAMA: ABC News' John Parkinson: " Boehner Pledges to Work With Obama." A day after holding onto his speakership and the House Republican majority, John Boehner signaled openness today to the inclusion of new tax revenue in a legislative package to address the so-called "fiscal cliff" as long as proceeds are linked to entitlement reform and spending cuts. But the speaker also indicated that he still prefers to wait until the next session of Congress to enact an all-encompassing solution. LINK

The Washington Post's Zachary A. Goldfarb and Lori Montgomery: " On Day After, Overtures on Debt." Less than 24 hours after the election, President Obama and congressional leaders moved with alacrity Wednesday to show flexibility in solving the nation's biggest economic problems and recast Washington's often divisive politics. With a sluggish economy facing major threats, House Speaker John A. Boehner (R-Ohio) opened the door to increased tax revenue as part of a bipartisan deal to tame the soaring national debt. LINK

Politico's Jake Sherman: " Boehner, 'Ready to be led' on Taxes" Speaker John Boehner hasn't quit President Barack Obama.With Mitt Romney still picking up the pieces of his battered campaign in Boston, the speaker began readying his colleagues and official Washington that the House Republican Conference is ready to negotiate with Obama to reform the nation's Tax Code and entitlement structure, a move that could set the tone for months of hand-wringing, but ultimately intense negotiations. LINK

USA Today's Kevin Kepple, Anne Carey and Denny Gainer: " Obama takes a victory lap, then gets back to work" President Obama didn't take much time to savor his victory before he turned his attention to what awaits him in Washington. After making his speech to jubilant supporters early Wednesday, the president spent a little time celebrating with campaign staff and friends at receptions and victory parties. But before he went to bed, Obama already had started making a round of calls to congressional leaders to talk about the legislative agenda for the remainder of the year. LINK

FISCAL CLIFF: The Washington Times' Stephen Dinan: " 'Fiscal cliff' nudges deal-making talk" House Speaker John A. Boehner offered the first olive branch Wednesday in what is expected to be a frenetic spate of postelection deal-making to avert the looming "fiscal cliff," saying the GOP will let the government collect more tax revenue if President Obama will drop his plan to raise tax rates on the wealthy. LINK

The Wall Street Journal's Naftali Bendavid, Damian Paletta and David Wessel: " Focus Shifts to 'Fiscal Cliff'" The day after a hard-fought election that left Barack Obama in the White House and control of Congress divided between the two parties, the nation's political leaders promised to try to avoid year-end spending cuts and tax increases that threaten to push the U.S. back into recession. In carefully worded comments Wednesday, major actors in the fiscal drama were both conciliatory to their adversaries and resolute in sticking to their principles. Whether this represents a temporary truce, or a step toward a pact to trim the deficit, won't be known for weeks. LINK

The NY Times' Jackie Calmes and Peter Baker: " Back to Work, Obama is Greeted by Looming Fiscal Crisis." Newly re-elected, President Obama moved quickly on Wednesday to open negotiations with Congressional Republican leaders over the main unfinished business of his term - a major deficit-reduction deal to avert a looming fiscal crisis - as he began preparing for a second term that will include significant cabinet changes. Mr. Obama, while still at home in Chicago at midday, called Speaker John A. Boehner in what was described as a brief and cordial exchange on the need to reach some budget compromise in the lame-duck session of Congress starting next week. LINK

GOP: The Hill's Justin Sink: " GOP is faced with identity crisis" Republicans were in a soul-searching mood Wednesday, pondering their political future after President Obama won a resounding victory despite the stagnant economy and an approval rating routinely south of 50 percent. The 2012 election seemed to underscore the point many in the GOP most feared in 2008: Without improving numbers among Hispanic voters and women, and with a younger population becoming more socially liberal each year, the Republican Party risks marginalization in future presidential elections. LINK

FLORIDA: The Los Angeles Times' Joseph Tanfani: " Waiting for Florida, again" Not so long ago, in the days of the hanging chad and the butterfly ballot, a nation was held hostage by one state's electoral dysfunction. On Wednesday, America once again woke up the morning after election day to reports of voters in South Florida standing in line at midnight, tens of thousands of absentee ballots still unopened and uncounted, and no way of knowing who won the state's 29 electoral votes. Unlike Bush vs. Gore in 2000, at least the whole election isn't hanging in the balance, but the question is the same: Just what is it about Florida and elections, anyway? LINK

OTHER: Bloomberg's Julie Bykowicz and Alison Fitzgerald: " Rove Biggest Super-PAC Loser, Trump Says Waste of Money." Karl Rove and his investors were the biggest losers on Election Day. The Republican strategist who created the model for the outside money groups that raised and spent more than $1 billion on the Nov. 6 elections saw almost no return for their money. LINK

The Boston Globe's Callum Borchers: " Some election predictions nail outcome, others miss badly." For political prognosticators, their day of reckoning has arrived. Some are gloating about accurate predictions of the presidential election; others have their tails between their legs. The New York Times's Nate Silver, a celebrity in the world of predictive modeling, is looking smart. On his blog, Five ThirtyEight (named for the total number of electoral votes), Silver correctly called the winner in 49 states and the District of Columbia. In Florida, the 50th state, President Obama holds a narrow lead over Mitt Romney but has not yet been declared the winner. Silver forecast an Obama win. LINK

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