Strict Gun Control - Fewer Shootings in Australia, Japan and the UK; Would It Work in US?

Six days after the tragic shooting in Newtown and one day after President Obama announced a gun control task force, hundreds of you wrote in asking about future legislation and the consequences of this new task force.

Pam Ramagano tweeted asking "What can the president really do? Doesn't he need the approval of Congress to do anything?"

Kevin Boutelle wondered "What about the support that is so desperately needed for the mentally insane?…Those that would still do harm to others regardless of the weapon they wield? Where is that "task force"?"

And @ViPearson asked "Do you think that the media is partly responsible for the violence…?"

Excellent questions, and here are the answers:

Keep the questions coming via Twitter and Facebook. I'll see you tomorrow on GMA and Sunday on This Week.

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