PM Note: Gun Play, Cuomo Signs Bill, Hagel Gets Schumer, '94 vs. '13, Obama Gets 'Taxation' Plates

Inauguration 2009 - $600 was the going rate for an inauguration hotel room.

Inauguration 2013 - Rooms can be had (there's vacancy!) for less than $200. More from Genevieve Shaw Brown -

Obama will roll with a DC 'Taxation Without Representation" Plate -

Cuomo Signs Fast Track Gun Control Law -

It won't be that easy for President Obama. He'll make his recommendations tomorrow in an event at the White House, surrounded by children who have written to him on the issue. (Shush Walshe)

Here's her piece from earlier in the day on Cuomo, O'Malley and how Democratic governors with 2016 aspirations are handling their respective pushes for gun laws -

Assault Weapons Ban - The Difference Between '94 and '13? - Chris Good looks at how the bill actually passed nine years ago - "Perhaps the largest difference was that Congress didn't bring up the assault weapons ban as its own bill. Clinton pushed the ban as part of a much broader crime bill - a signature domestic-policy measure for his first term, one that focused on crime in general, not just guns.

Obama To Unveil Road Map To Halt Gun Violence - President Obama is expected to detail a broad plan this week to curb gun violence, setting the stage for what could be the largest Congressional battle over gun legislation in decades. (Mary Bruce)

Meanwhile, Rosa de Lauro is proposing the government buy back assault weapons in exchange for a $2,000 tax credit. (Mary McGuire)

Gun Play - An app for smartphones released by the National Rifle Association was originally slated for children ages four and up. But that age recommendation was upped today. (Joanna Stern)

'Professional' Protester Charged For Congress Outburst - After his latest outburst, Rives Grogan, 48, was charged today with unlawful conduct for shouting protests from the gallery in the House chamber this morning after lawmakers had concluded reading the U.S. Constitution. (John Parkinson)

Chris Christie Opts to Skip Public Matching Funds for NJ Primary - Unlike his 2009 campaign, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie will not take public matching funds for his GOP gubernatorial primary this year. (Shushannah Walshe)

66 Minutes to Read the U.S. Constitution - The first 66 minutes of the 113th session of Congress were spent reading the U.S. Constitution aloud for the second time in House Chamber history Tuesday morning. (Mary McGuire)

More Support than Oppose Hagel -

Even Chuck Schumer (who had been a key question mark) -

Chelsea Clinton, Eva Longoria Headline Obama's Service Summit - Another Clinton is taking on an important role in the 2013 Presidential Inauguration. (Sarah Parnass)

Inauguration Black Market Tickets Cause Problems - If you're still in the market for a free ticket to the inauguration swearing-in ceremony, it is going to cost you. (Anjuli Sastry and Alisa Wiersemma) Protests Intensify Over Mexican President's Harvard Job

Inauguration Preparations Still in High Gear Despite Smaller Crowds - Though Metro is expecting less than half the crowd of 2009, they're holding the line with the workforce they put in play on President Obama's first Inauguration day. Other D.C. orgs are similarly gearing up. (Sarah Parnass)

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