PM Note: Stephanopoulos to Interview Obama, Three Trips to the Hill, Awaiting Ryan's Budget

Tomorrow: George Stephanopoulos To Interview President Barack Obama.

Get the first taste at and on World News at 6:30 p.m., Tuesday.

The bulk will air on Good Morning America Wednesday.

Earlier Tuesday President Obama takes his charm offensive to Capitol Hill. It'll be his first of three straight days of trips up Pennsylvania Ave.

Tuesday - Senate Democrats, Wednesday - House GOP Thursday - Senate GOP and House Democrats

When was the last time a sitting president took three days to mosey up to Capitol Hill for closed-door meetings?

This week will mark the president's third meeting with the House GOP caucus.

Flashback: One of the most fun moments of his presidency was his raucous Q and A with the House GOP at their 2010 retreat in Baltimore when he was seeking bipartisanship and selling health care reform.

It didn't ultimately work back in 2010 (no Republicans supported Obamacare), but what he said back then sounds not unlike something he could tell the House GOP on Wednesday:

"Yes, I want you to challenge my ideas … I want you to stand up for your beliefs. The only thing I don't want … is for Washington to continue being so Washington-like."

Also Tomorrow:

The Ryan Budget to be Released - Will Fractured House Republicans Unite on Budget? John Parkinson's preview is here: - Tomorrow morning, House Budget Chairman Paul Ryan will release the latest version of his budget blueprint, setting the federal government on a course to balance annual revenue and spending levels by the year 2023. (John Parkinson)

Hours After Seeking Bipartisanship with House GOP… Obama to Huddle With Organizing for Action Group - President Obama will formally inaugurate Organizing for Action, his newly-formed independent advocacy group, with a headline speech Wednesday night before the group's Founders' Summit in Washington. (Devin Dwyer)

The Real Frank Underwood? Is Rep. Kevin McCarthy the real Frank Underwood? The real-life House majority whip told CNN's Candy Crowley that he gave Kevin Spacey one of his signature lines in the Netflix hit show "House of Cards," the main character of which is Spacey's Frank Underwood, an ultramanipulative, Machiavellian House majority whip who plots to snag the vice presidency and ruins a few lives in the process. (Chris Good)

ABC News / Washington Post Poll - On Eve of Conclave, Record Criticism of Church For its Handling of Sexual Abuse Scandals - From Gary Langer: "… an overwhelming 78 percent of Catholics now disapprove of how the church has handled the issue of sexual abuse of children by priests, and two-thirds disapprove strongly - the highest and strongest disapproval since the scandals erupted more than a decade ago, up sharply since U.S. church leaders sought to address the issue in 2004. Sixty percent of Catholics, more generally, describe the church as "out of touch" with the views of Catholics in America, and by 54-38 percent Catholics urge a new direction by the next pope, away from traditional policies and toward new approaches that better reflect "the attitudes and lifestyles of Catholics today." Less-frequent churchgoers, in particular, seek change - but even among those who attend Mass frequently, more than half call the church out of touch."

Thomas Perez Could Become Only Latino In Obama Cabinet - President Barack Obama is expected to tap Thomas Perez, the head of the Department of Justice's civil rights division, to serve as his next labor secretary. (Jordan Fabian)

GOP Guv's Medicaid Connundrum - Florida Governor Rick Scott's surprise plan to expand Medicaid throughObamacare with Feds hits wall in legislature -

Storify: Michelle Obama Hosts Twitter Chat About Let's Move! Campaign Twitter Users #AskFLOTUS About Health As Part of @LetsMove Campaign First lady Michelle Obama chatted with Americans over Twitter about exercise and eating right Monday morning. (Sarah Parnass) Judge Skeptical of Ex-Senator's Campaign Cash Use - A federal judge sounded skeptical Monday of former Sen. Larry Craig's claim that he properly used $217,000 in campaign funds for his legal defense after his arrest in a 2007 airport bathroom sex sting.

Hagel Orders Review of Rules in Military Sex Assault Convictions Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel says he is ordering a review of the rules that allow a military commander to overrule court martial convictions by military juries. Hagel wrote a letter to Sen. Barbara Boxer, D-Calif., which is posted on her website. (Matthew Larotonda, Luis Martinez)

Debbie Dingell Considers Michigan Senate Run, Per CNN's Dana Bash -

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